Top Tips for Hosting the Perfect College Football Watch Party in Your Taber Home

Friends enjoying a college football watch party in their Taber Home.

Top Tips for Hosting the Perfect College Football Watch Party in Your Taber Home

September 13, 2022

With packed stadiums and thousands of fans from both sides cheering on their favorite players—we know that the atmosphere around every college football game day is an exciting one to be a part of. Throughout Oklahoma City, Tulsa and across the entire United States, college football season has officially kicked off. While we know you would love to be in the stands each weekend cheering on your favorite team, sometimes the best college football viewing parties happen in the comfort of your own home—especially when that home is a home built by Taber

At Homes by Taber, our team makes it a priority to create thoughtfully-crafted floor plans that meet the needs of today’s homeowners—and that includes creating the perfect atmosphere in your home so you can watch your favorite team win big all year long. With that in mind, save your money on season tickets, and read on to see our top tips for hosting the perfect college football watch party.

Create the perfect tailgating menu

While some people might say that the game itself or the time spent with our friends and family is the best part about tailgating during college football season—we know that’s not exactly entirely correct. The main event at any game day watch party is, in fact, the food that is being served throughout the day—and no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, your food options will make or break any at-home tailgating experience for you and your guests. Thankfully though, creating the ultimate watch party menu can be as simple as you let it. If you love the classic tailgating experience—burgers, brats and hotdogs are never a bad idea to focus on. You can easily step up your grilling game, though, by adding in options for steak, grilled corn and other veggies or a variety of kebabs for your guests to enjoy. 

On the topic of tailgating food, one main reason as to why you’ll love hosting a watch party in your Taber home instead of packing up the car and heading to the stadium is having complete access to your kitchen throughout the day. When you don’t have to rush around your home in order to pack up all of your supplies for the day ahead you’ll have plenty of time beforehand to make any dips or salads as you wish and keep them fresh and ready to go in your fridge until your guests arrive. 

Another main area you won’t want to glance over for any watch party event is the snack table. Finger food is a necessity on game days as it allows your guests to quickly and easily grab whatever they would like to eat throughout the day without any fuss or wait times. Filling the snack table doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders alone, though, as the best tailgates tend to happen when everyone joins in and brings their favorite dish to share for an incredible spread of wings, chips, dips and desserts.

Give your seating area an upgrade

Once you have the food covered for the big day, the second thing you’ll want to make sure you have in order is your main seating area. Depending on how many of your friends, family members and neighbors will be attending your get-together—and double checking the weather forecast to see whether the main viewing party will be held either within your spacious living room or your expansive backyard—you may find yourself with less seating options than you need. When you’ll be entertaining everyone outside, breaking out your summer folding chairs or having some of your guests bring their own is an easy way to address the seating concern. If you’re really hoping to get into the spirit of the season, however, purchasing a team-branded canopy tent to set up in your backyard as an additional hang-out area will work wonders to elevate your decor. When the viewing party is happening indoors, however, having an assortment of pillows and blankets to cover the floor creates the ideal lounging area for any young children to sit back and watch the game. Comfort is key for any watch party, and as long as everyone has a place where they can sit and enjoy the game or happily chat over a drink—game day will always be a success. 

Set up some outdoor activities

While the game itself will become your main source of entertainment as soon as kick-off is underway, it’s always a great idea to set up some fun outdoor activities that everyone can partake in beforehand. Throughout all of our home designs, your Taber Home backyard offers plenty of space to help take your at-home watch party to the next level, and there are always some classic yard games that you can never go wrong with having set up such as cornhole, ladder toss, spikeball or jenga. When it comes time for the actual game to begin, all of our Taber home floor plan designs come with covered outdoor living space, perfect to hang a TV for an occasion just like this. However, if you’re expecting a larger gathering and want to get a little more creative, or perhaps you would simply like to set up a fun hang-out destination for any kids in attendance—hanging a white bedsheet in your yard, getting a smart-projector and streaming the game on a makeshift “big screen” is the perfect solution. 

Day of double-check for the big game

When the day of the big game arrives it’s especially important for you to make one quick run-through of your home to ensure that you have everything you need for the day before your guests begin to arrive. First things first—pull up the pregame show on TV and check to make sure that you have the correct channel or streaming service available so you don’t miss one single moment after kick-off. Some games require a streaming service you do not currently subscribe to, but a 7 day free trial may be available. Next, take a look at your guest bathrooms and make sure that you have plenty of toilet paper, hand soap, fresh towels and any other bathroom necessities that your guests might require throughout the day - especially in the half bath - if your home has one. Then, head out to the backyard to set-up any of the yard games you have prepared for the occasion, test out your grill to make sure everything is good to go for your cookout and add any finishing touches to your pre-made dishes from the night before. Finally—sit back, relax and enjoy the day ahead of you and send best wishes to your favorite team.

The perfect home for any occasion

At Homes by Taber, we’ve been working throughout the new home construction industry for over 20 yearsconstantly perfecting our offerings to ensure that our home designs are keeping up with the wants and needs of today’s homeowners. Whether it’s a college football watch party, a bridal shower or a family Christmas celebration—your Taber home will always offer the perfect setting, no matter what occasion arises throughout your life. If you’re currently in the market for a new home throughout the Tulsa or Oklahoma City areas—we have just what you’re looking for. When you’re ready to take the next step toward your dream home—give us a call at (918) 393-4149 in Tulsa and (405) 984-1185 in OKC or fill out our online form today.


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