Perfecting the Craftsman Style Home

Craftsman style homes built by Homes by Taber.

Perfecting the Craftsman Style Home

April 14, 2022

In the world of new home construction, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect architectural style to hone in on as a builder. At Homes by Taber, we’ve been creating homes in the top design styles for over 20 years, and throughout those years, our home designs have easily stood the test of time. Pairing the simple and charming allure of the Craftsman design style with high-quality building materials and a strong foundation has allowed our team to continuously improve our offerings with each passing year as we expertly craft our homes to meet the wants and needs of our clients. For us, choosing to focus on the Craftsman architectural style for our homes was easy—and taking a look at how the design style came into fruition and the key elements it implements in today’s world will show you why. 

Craftsman style homes built by Homes by Taber.

The history of Craftsman style

The Craftsman style home gained popularity beginning in the early 1900s when the Arts and Crafts movement in England was quickly making its way across the pond into American life. It focused on the idea of highlighting the artisan elements in home design and creating simple yet beautiful homes that were affordable for a number of individuals. The Craftsman style became widely popular in California and the Midwest at first, but it continued to grow in popularity throughout the country as the years went on—and as the home design has shifted slightly with each passing year, the overall aesthetic of the Craftsman home is still highly sought-after in today’s market. 

Looking into key characteristics

There are a few certain exterior characteristics that the Craftsman style home is known for. As an architectural style that takes its main cue from nature, these homes have an overall aesthetic that fits just as well into a scene set within the open countryside as it does into the suburban streets. Adding in natural elements throughout the exterior of the home perfectly enhances the Craftsman style—so our team always focuses on bringing out the best of exposed beams, stone, brick and wood in order to expertly capture the compelling look. 

Other aspects of the home exterior include low-pitched roofs with overhanging eaves that exemplify the welcoming feeling of the home, multi-pane windows that help give off a quaint, rustic element to the overall image and large front porches with columns to add in a striking design element. 

Key characteristics like rustic wood and brick used in craftsman style homes.

Pairing style with proven durability 

The overall design of your home is an incredibly important feature that you want to make sure you absolutely love before making the final decision on your next home—but ensuring that the materials used throughout the construction process are durable enough to get through the wear and tear that can affect your home is just as crucial.

At Homes by Taber, we carefully create each floor plan and elevation option with our clients’ design needs in mind, but we also choose materials that we know will stand the test of time—literally. Life isn’t always easy on our homes, and when you live in a busy neighborhood, sometimes accidents happen. Since 2000, we have steadily been improving our homes in every way that we can—and since the siding of our homes plays a huge role in the overall exterior appearance, finding a way to seamlessly have both style and functionality in our home siding was something we couldn’t exactly pass up. 

Craftsman style homes built by Homes by Taber.

When we began working with LP Building Solutions to incorporate their SmartSide siding into our homes, we were able to improve our home building process in a variety of ways. With paint color choices that cover a wide array of tones, the ideal home exterior design is easily within reach for all of our customers. The durability that the siding provides, though, is what truly has continued to grow our partnership to entirely new heights. 

Not just a promise of durability, but a proven fact. When it comes to building your new home, we understand how important it is to ensure that you can put your full trust into the experts you are working with, and at Homes by Taber, we work with trusted professionals that can truly show our clients exactly how much trust they can put in our team. Recently, the team at LP SmartSide put vinyl, fiber cement and the LP SmartSide trim and siding to the ultimate test with a little help from a few hockey and baseball players. There’s nothing quite like a live demonstration to prove how effective a product is—and watching how each siding stacked up against hockey pucks and baseballs that were heading at them full speed definitely shines a light on which one in particular will keep your home looking as good as the day you first moved in no matter how many years have gone by.   

Various color options for wood that are elements within the craftsman style.

Continuing to grow in our offerings

At Homes by Taber, the Craftsman style home has played an incredible role in helping us get to the place we are today. With high-end features coming into the market with each passing year, our team has constantly been able to improve our offerings in order to make sure that our homes are built to the highest standards in the industry—and what’s more, we have been able to put an emphasis on functionality without losing any aesthetic appeal. 

Throughout the years, we’ve been able to bring expertly crafted homes to the surrounding area of Oklahoma City, and more recently, we’ve been able to further our reach into the Tulsa area. We are incredibly proud of the work we’ve done this far and are excited to continue our work throughout the neighborhoods we love. 

To see the Craftsman style home in full force, take a look through our photo gallery today, and when you’re ready to turn your own dream home into a reality—fill out our online form today or give us a call at (405) 984-1185 in OKC or (918) 393-4149 in Tulsa to set up a tour of one of quick move-in homes or to begin the process of building and designing your next new construction home. 


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