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Energy Efficiency Is Key

Going green. Energy Efficient. HERS Ratings. What does it all mean for a homebuyer?

Homes by Taber ranked 1st in Oklahoma and 3rd in the country for having the lowest average HERS Index Scores from

In a biodegradable nutshell, it means that the more energy-efficient your home, the more MONEY you will save on utilities, the less your CARBON FOOTPRINT is, and the more COMFORTABLE you will be, which is why Homes by Taber proudly offers energy efficient homes that are energy-rated by a third party.

Homes by Taber was ranked 1st in Oklahoma and 3rd in the nation by for having the lowest HERS Index Scores, averaging 40.1.

The HERS Index

The HERS Index is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and provides an easily understandable means to compare the relative energy efficiency of different homes. When shopping for a home, buyers should keep in mind that if the home is not rated, it is not energy efficient. Buyers should think of a HERS score as they would a golf score: the lower the better!

A typical existing home scores a 130, but the average score for a Homes by Taber home is 40.1, which means we are saving our customers $1,508 a year in energy bills, per

When Homes by Taber builds a home, we go above and beyond the recommended RESNET standards to provide an even more energy-efficient and comfortable home. Read our blog post on energy-efficient homes for additional details.


An impactful feature that sets us apart is our superior HVAC system with a 96% furnace, a 16 SEER AC unit, and custom ductwork that is specifically engineered for each home.

After all systems are installed, we mastic all of our ducts to ensure limited air infiltration, which also drastically reduces the amount of dust in the home. Our systems are engineered and inspected by a third-party inspector, to ensure that your house works as a system so every room in the house will not vary within 3 degrees of the thermostat.

We mastic all of our ducts to ensure limited air filtration.

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Our Happy Homeowners

Taber's team has taken great care of us from start to finish. At the end of our warranty period, the Taber team handled any final needs thoroughly and went above and beyond to make sure all work was completed at the highest quality standard.Thanks to the Taber team for all the work they've performed in the year we've owned our home. We'd definitely buy with Taber again.

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