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New VS. Used

New homes offer something that a used home just can’t. A used home was someone else’s dream. It highlights someone else’s choices, someone else’s family memories, and someone else’s wear and tear. Stained countertops, grease stained appliances, used toilets and showers don’t make anyone feel at home. Don’t settle for someone else’s outdated choices! Your home can incorporate your style, not someone else’s past. Selecting your favorite paint colors, countertops, light fixtures, and flooring will make you love your new home, instead of just settling for it.

Most people will tell you that buying a used home isn’t what they actually want, but they don’t know if it’s in their financial cards. In actuality, the number one reason buyers should put a new home at the top of their list is because of the savings that it will provide them. A combination of the most recent technologies, energy efficiencies, and the need to not complete any remodels, will save buyers tons of money! On top of all of that, buying a new home allows buyers to qualify for a substantial tax credit to add to the savings!

Everything from taping down our toilet seats (we tape down our toilet lids to ensure that our buyers are the first ones that have the pleasure of enjoying them) to the absolute latest styles and construction standards, all make up why buying new is the way to go.

3 Ways to Buy a Taber Home

  • 1Built From the Ground Up

    • Get exactly what you want, down to every detail. Brick colors, home site location, paint, tile, counters, cabinets, ceiling details, room layouts, closet customization, bonus room features, lighting, outdoor living space, and more!
    • Make modifications to floor plans and decide what goes where.
    • Be involved in each step of the build process in a way that no other option provides. If you are a hands on person, this may be the best way to build your home, without ever picking up a hammer.
    • Buyers will never have to compromise their desires or their lifestyles because it can be fully incorporated into the build process.
  • 2Under Construction

    • You don’t have to wait as long for the home to be completed, which is very helpful if there is a timeline that needs to be followed.
    • Depending upon where the home is in the construction process, there are still many selections to be made. The Community Sales Manager will be able to confirm whether options like paint, flooring, lighting, and more may still be able to be selected.
    • In some cases, buyers may be able to modify the plans to give a “built from the ground up” experience with a shorter timeline.
  • 3Quick Move-In Homes

    • One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a move in ready home, is that you get all of the benefits of buying a brand new home, without having to wait for construction to be completed. A lot of the time buyers think they need to settle for a used home when they are dealing with a tight timeline. That is not the case. Used homes often times use the phrase, “turn key.” With a new, move in ready home, you don’t get any more “turn key” than that!
    • Going through the selections process and choosing paint colors, cabinet style, and tiles may be stressful for some. This allows them to come into a new home where a professional designer has already made those tough decisions for them, following all of the latest styles.
    • Even if you are able to select all of the items that are going to be included in your new home, it’s difficult for some to be able to visualize the end product. Purchasing a move in ready home allows buyers to see the end result and not second-guess their choices.

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