Higher Standards

The features we include emphasize quality in our homes, providing you with a home that will last a lifetime.

What separates Homes by Taber construction apart from other builders is our stringent quality control checkpoints that we have put in place for ourselves. 

Not only do our community construction mangers do daily walks to ensure that our homes are up to our standards, but we also have checkpoints at certain stages of construction that our area field managers walk the homes and check for all the little details before the home is allowed to move forward to the next phase in construction.

We have found over many years of experience that bringing in different viewpoints with the same goal and standards in mind, has allowed us to increase the quality of the home we deliver to our customers. Our homes visually look better and function better for our customers through raising our standards and performing multiple quality control walks. We pride ourselves on having the best quality-built homes in the state.

In addition to these checkpoints, we include quality materials throughout the home with name brands known for their quality, that are recognizable to our homeowners. These name brands also provide better warranties for our homeowners, with several including a lifetime warranty. We won’t cut corners on providing lesser materials, but instead will invest more to make sure our customers are delivered quality homes. Some of the features we include that come with a lifetime warranty are our Delta fixtures, our Low E Vinyl Windows with Argon Gas, and our Storm Safe Storm Shelter. Even our HVAC system and our tankless water heaters provide warranties above and beyond the standard options in the market.

You can rest assured that your biggest investment is also a quality one when you’re choosing Homes by Taber.

It’s our responsibility to set higher standards and keep Homes by Taber families safe!
Taber LeBlanc

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Taber, You have a fantastic team! Thanks for building our dream home! We look forward to the memories we will make there. We will definitely recommend your team to anyone we know thinking about building.

The Austins

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