The Taber Difference

The Difference Is In The Details

The details can be easy to miss, both by builders and by buyers. We make it a point to not overlook the little things, but to lean in and find what details we can include in our homes to make a difference in our homeowner’s lives.

At Homes by Taber, we take a common sense approach to building a home. We think about how people live their lives, what space they live it in, and what can make their quality of life better. That’s why the details make the difference.

At Homes by Taber, we don’t believe you should have to pay for upgrade after upgrade to get the home that fits your lifestyle. Our homes are inclusive of what you want and more.

Taber wants his company, its departments, and his staff to be excellent at what they do.

During the Building Process

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Each of our neighborhoods is assigned a Superintendent that is the expert for that neighborhood. These Superintendents go the extra mile each day to ensure that the homes are meeting the standards of our valued buyers. In addition to this, every home we build is walked six times during key times in the construction process by a manager to double check the work.


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Homes by Taber is one of the few builders in the nation that perform these tests because we don’t want our buyers to face the nightmare of damaged water and sewer lines and will prevent it before it happens, all costs.

We perform a camera and pressure test on every home that is to be occupied, which is generally performed 16 days prior to closing. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the condition of the sewer drains of the home. Since the drainpipes, and water lines are installed early on in the build process, often there are things that can happen during the build process that cannot be seen once the house is finished. Sewer lines can be subject to many issues. There can be construction debris that ends up in the sewer lines, damage to the sewer drains can happen from other contractors or utility companies. These issues cannot be seen from just looking at the home. We run water and flush the entire system. We camera underneath the house as far as possible, and then we camera the sewer drain from the house all of the way to the sewer tap. Water lines can be damaged by many factors. They can be damaged during the pour of the foundation, during the frame process, and during the sheetrock phase. This damage cannot be seen from just looking at the home, which is why we conduct a 15 minute pressure test on the home to determine if the plumbing system holds pressure for the entire test. We also check the pressure on the home at the time of this test to see if it exceeds the manufacturer specs for the faucets. The specifications on the water faucets state that if the pressure exceeds 80 psi then the manufacturer will not be liable for a failure of faucet. If any issues are noted at the time of these test, we correct those issues prior to occupancy. Our goal in this process is to ensure that our homeowners do not experience any water leaks, or backed up sewers after moving into their homes.


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We have a very detailed and informative Orientation process. They are designed to educate our buyers on their new home and each of its systems. We actually schedule a 2 hour walkthrough to give ample time for our customers to learn every detail of their home where we instruct them on their appliances, HVAC system, Alarm System, Plumbing, Electrical, Sprinkler System, and any special features of their home. During the Final Walk, we look over any contracted items to ensure that they are completed to the customer’s satisfaction, giving them the perfect home they deserve and confirm that all items are completed to our customer’s satisfaction. During this time, we also provide the customers with a list of ways that they can submit a warranty claim, when needed.


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We realize that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Establishing amazing relationships is a must for builders, but if you ask around, vendors will have stories to tell. We want our stories to be good ones! Homes by Taber only works with proven and experienced companies and we have earned the right to be able to hand pick our vendors and trades. We only use the best and won’t settle for anything below our high standards!


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We will guarantee you a closing date! Yes, you read that right… Guarantee! We will not be the reason for why a home doesn’t close on time. Your home will be ready when we say it will.


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We are transparent with our buyers throughout the entire buying process. We don’t believe that our product should have to have thousands in upgrades to make it the home our buyers thought they were receiving. What you see is what you get and if upgrades are chosen, we will give our customers pricing up front. Financial surprises in the home buying process are not a good thing for our buyers and bring more stress to their lives, we want to illuminate that for them.


After the Purchase List

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Our Warranty Department utilizes a state of the art software program to manage all of your Warranty needs. After closing, the Warranty department provides our buyers with a login and password to access their warranty software. This software gives them access to documents various related their homes including their Orientation/Final Walk paperwork, their specification selections for their homes, their warranty paperwork, and their contract cover sheets. This software also conveniently gives our customer the ability to submit a Warranty claim, monitor their Warranty claim, and even see who is schedule to repair the defect. All correspondence associated with the Warranty on their home is kept in the software for them to view at any time.


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Homes by Taber provides homeowners with various tips to give them knowledge about their home and how to care for it, inside and out.


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After our homeowners have been in their home for 60 days, our in-house Warranty department will perform another walkthrough of the home. At this time, they will be checking all of the systems of the home for any defects. Our goal is to identify these defects before it becomes a problem down the road. Our in-house warranty department also uses this data to identify systems that may have repetitive defects, so that we may continue to improve our homes and our buyer’s experiences.


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After our homeowners have been in their home for 11 months, our in-house Warranty department will perform another walkthrough of the home. At this time, they will be looking over any items that our homeowners may have noted since their 60 day walkthrough and repair any items before their Warranty expires. Any items noted at this walk will be scheduled out for completion. We provide these walkthroughs as a courtesy to our customers in an effort to save them money by not hiring a third party inspector. Sometimes our homeowners do elect to hire a third party inspector and we welcome those inspectors and their findings. However, our process is cheaper and quicker for our homeowners. Our in-house warranty department also uses this data to identify systems that may have repetitive defects, so that we may continue to improve our homes and our buyer’s experience.


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The management team at Homes by Taber is very hands on. If one of our homeowners is experiencing a defect that is out of the ordinary or is experiencing a questionable claim, the Warranty department manager will personally inspect the defect and the claim. It’s not uncommon for Taber LeBlanc to visit these homes as well in order to continue to improve his product. We often get told by homeowners that they have never met the Warranty Manager when they were in a home from other builders. We are the opposite. Our Warranty Manager freely gives out his cell phone number to make sure our homeowners are always able personally to get in contact with him. Go ahead, call him: 405-306-5108.


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Unlike most builders, Homes by Taber does not outsource their warranty calls. A member of our Warranty team will answer your calls no matter what time or what day of the year to make sure our homeowner’s emergencies are taken care of. Our customers can feel confident and comfortable that if they have an emergency, they will talk directly to a Homes by Taber employee, even on Christmas day.


The Details that Make Up the Homes by Taber Organization

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    Taber LeBlanc invests millions into his staff make sure they are growing with the times and consistently improving their skills.

    Taber LeBlanc wants his company, its departments, and his staff to be excellent at what they do. He provides the tools and solutions they need to excel and gives them a voice to consistently improve.

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    Homes by Taber is not a “mom and pop” builder. It’s a growing company with processes, procedures, core values that are clung to, and customers that are valued.

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    Doing What’s Right

    One of our core values is “If it doesn’t look right, it’s wrong. Fix it, no matter the cost.” We strive to be perfect, but if something goes wrong, we will fix it as it should be. If it’s our error, we will pay to fix it.

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