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Founded in 2000, award-winning home builder Homes by Taber, has grown to be Oklahoma’s Favorite Builder®. From the extensive list of awards won to the customer-supported reviews and testimonials, it is with considerable pride that we serve our customers and provide the highest level of service and quality for their biggest, Proudly Overbuilt® investment.   

Homes by Taber was started by Taber LeBlanc, Owner and President, in 2000 with the help of his father-in-law, John Alexander, who was a long-time, well-respected land developer around the Oklahoma City metro area. Through humble beginnings and with John’s help we got our start to become Oklahoma’s Favorite Builder®. With hard work and dedication to our customers, we have proudly grown from building 3 homes in our first year, to where we are today as the largest and most reputable home builder in Oklahoma. From the extensive list of awards won to the customer-supported reviews and testimonials, it is with considerable pride that we serve our customers and provide the highest level of service and quality for their biggest investment. 

Each day we strive to be the best home builder, with an unwavering goal of providing the highest quality home with more value than any other builder can provide. In 2020, we ranked in 90th place nationwide as a top builder on the Housing Giants List in Professional Builder Magazine and in 84th place nationwide as a top builder in Builder Magazine’s Top 100 list. Homes by Taber has grown to be the largest builder in Oklahoma, using the benefits of our purchasing power to bring more value to our customers. No matter the neighborhood, no matter the size of the home, we pass along savings we receive through our buying power to our homeowners. What other builders consider to be upgrades are included features at Homes by Taber. Everything we do from our foundations to our energy efficiencies is to build a home that will provide a lasting value for our homeowners and generations to come. 

Raising the standard in home building

The enhanced characteristics, split into three different series, have made Homes by Taber the premier builder in Oklahoma for homebuyers and the builder of choice for trades and vendors with strong partnerships. As the largest builder in Oklahoma, we use our purchasing power with bulk buying to pass along our savings to our customers. The purchasing power that our customers benefit from allows them to have more standard features included in their new home and has redefined what “builder grade” really means. Homes by Taber has blazed the trail as a trendsetter for homebuilders in Oklahoma, but also nationwide, elevating the standard and style in new construction. In years past, the elevated standards were referred to as Elegance with Affordability® and since then, that has transitioned to being Proudly Overbuilt®, but no matter how you label it, Homes by Taber provides more included features with more quality, value, and safety than any other builder in the state.  

You can rest assured that your biggest investment is also a quality one when you are choosing Homes by Taber. We even dare you to compare our included features with competing new homes and used homes, providing a downloadable list to make it easy for shoppers. The storm shelter was the feature that started the momentum of our Proudly Overbuilt features, because we believe your safety is non-negotiable. Many other items on the list enhance the home’s energy efficiency, ranking Homes by Taber as the most energy efficient builder in Oklahoma and the third most energy efficient builder in the United States, based on average HERs scores from RESNET. 

The company’s focus on improving quality of life through including high-end features that other builders would consider luxuries or upgrades has made the award-winning company a leader in the building industry.  

Where we build and why 

Homes by Taber builds new homes with A+ standards in A+ Taberhoods in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. The reason we choose to build in our own communities as opposed to building on scattered lots across the state is simple, we can keep a closer eye on our homes when they are grouped together in the same community. Homes are one of the few man-made products still available, and with that comes hundreds of scheduled tasks, including trades, vendors, materials, and inspections. When builders scatter their products, it allows for more mistakes to be made and less attention devoted to the details that matter.  

Homes by Taber takes a common-sense approach to building a home, paying attention to details that enhance the way people live their lives. Each of our communities is assigned a dedicated building Superintendent that manages the building process for those homes We also have area construction managers that work with the neighborhood superintendents to perform quality control checks throughout the build process. Because we build in our designated neighborhoods with strict construction processes and quality control checkpoints throughout the build, we have been able to consistently provide the highest quality homes that our reputation is built on. 

Customer focused resources 

Homes by Taber has invested in the top technological resources for our customers to maximize their experience while shopping, as well as their experience after the sale. Whether customers are browsing our state-of-the-art website, designing their home online with transparent pricing optionsreviewing videos with quick homeowner solutions, or easily submitting a warranty claim through our customer care portal, it is important that information is easy to find and utilize. Many of our employees are also Taber homeowners and we experience the same processes throughout our homeownership. It gives us confidence, as we know it will our customers, that the absolute best service is available to them. 

Proven processes and professional leadership 

The building company is made up of professionals with established departments and streamlined, proven processes to serve customers. When making any business decision, our company leaders utilize a six-pronged approach to determine whether it is the right choice. “We make decisions that have to be good for the six participants involved: the community, employees, subcontractors, vendors, bankers, and our customers. Decisions are easy to make if they meet those criteria, and if they do not meet the criteria, they are not something we are willing to do. The foundation of our company is built around those principles,” Founder Taber LeBlanc states. Every part of Homes by Taber’s six-pronged approach is equally valuable, and the best business decisions are those that involve win-wins, where everyone is satisfied. 

Community outreach and giving back 

Homes by Taber is a company that believes in giving back and throughout the years, we have created a culture that encompasses charity and outreach through our employee manpower. During the hiring process, the leadership team seeks out employees that not only have the skills for the job, but also fit our charitable culture. Taber Team employees are required to volunteer throughout the year, whether it is on their own time or during the company’s time. The TaberCares program was established in 2015 and is responsible for supporting hundreds of Oklahoma charities over the years.  

Our customers say it best 

Every business has an online reputation, and we are proud of ours. While we know we are not perfect, we strive to be the best builder every day. Customer testimonials and online reviews support the reputation that Homes by Taber has worked to build over the decades of being in business and we welcome you to join the growing homeowners, employees, or trade base of our Homes by Taber family. It would be our honor to serve you and guide you through the Taber process. 

No matter the neighborhood, no matter the size of the home, we pass along savings we receive through our purchasing power to our homeowners.
Taber LeBlanc

Taber LeBlanc, founder and President of Homes by Taber, was born in Wichita, Kansas, but grew up in Edmond, OK. He attended Edmond schools all his life and graduated in 1995 from Edmond North High School. While at Edmond North, Taber played football and ran track, and he received a full scholarship to Oklahoma State University because of his athletic skills. At OSU, Taber received the Dr. L. L. Boger Award for Outstanding Student Athlete and the Academic Big 12 award numerous times. Taber graduated in May of 1999 from OSU, double majoring with a bachelor's in Marketing and in Business.  

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