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Safety Isn't An Option

We include safety features, like a storm shelter, in every home we build because we believe safety isn’t optional.

Safety is non-negotiable and there are features that Homes by Taber believes should never be overlooked or worse yet, ask homeowners to pay extra for as an upgrade. Included in every home we build, you’ll find safety and health features to ensure your family is living their best life.

One item that is usually at the top of the list is our Storm Safe storm shelter. Since we include one in every home, Homes by Taber is now the largest purchaser of storm shelters in the country. We wear that distinction very proudly because it directly benefits our homeowners and provides priceless peace of mind that can’t be replaced. Taber LeBlanc believes that these should be mandatory in all new homes, but until then, he will include them on his own to set the home safety standards higher across Oklahoma.

A Fresh Air Intake Ventilation System is included in all homes to bring fresh air from the outside into the home. Since homes are built airtight to be as energy efficient as possible, that allows for bad air from cooking, pets, burning candles, and more to be trapped in the house. The Fresh Air Intake Ventilation System allows fresh air to filter back into the home. 

The Air Filtration System that we include in all our homes provides a safe indoor air environment for your family, virtually eliminating mold, pollen, bacteria, and dust. Homes will have less dust floating around and homeowners will have fewer allergens to deal with, providing a happy and healthy home.

We provide extra gas shutoff valves in convenient locations by your appliances in the homes. Instead of having to slide out appliances to shut off the gas in an emergency, we install them inside cabinets for easy access. This is not something that is required by code, but it’s something we do to ensure quick gas shutoff for our homeowners.

Homeowners should not have to worry about adding these safety features after they move in. We want them to enjoy them from the first day they step into their home.

It’s our responsibility to set higher standards and keep Homes by Taber families safe!
Taber LeBlanc

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