The Biggest Trends in Housing for 2020

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The Biggest Trends in Housing for 2020

December 16, 2020

To say this year brought an abundance of change is an understatement. From what buyers want (and need) to how we sell homes, we saw how quickly change can happen—and Homes by Taber shifted our priorities and made adjustments to best serve our communities and customers. 

Yearly trend recaps often feature the color palettes, backsplash tile patterns and new flooring options that rose in popularity over the past 12 months—and you can check out what was #TrendingWithTaber in previous blogs. But we also saw a shift in focus this year that favored functionality, healthiness and homes that you enjoy spending more time in. We’ve detailed what stood out to us and our buyers the most this year, and provide a glimpse into what we see coming in 2021. 

A need for healthy homes

As part of our Proudly Overbuilt commitment, we’ve always believed that a healthy home is a happy home—and that way of thinking proved true in 2020. With health and cleanliness top-of-mind this year, the healthy homes concept that we’ve embodied for years with Healthy Home Technology went mainstream. People were more interested than ever in Healthy Home Technology, and we were proud to showcase the features we include in our homes to keep your family healthy and safe. The inclusion of advanced whole-home air filtration systems, hypoallergenic surfaces, radiant barrier wrapping, low-VOC finishes, fresh air intake systems, stovetop ventilation through the roof and other features help us set the standard for healthy homes in Oklahoma. The desire for thoughtfully designed Healthy Home Technology won’t be diminishing anytime soon—and we’ll continue to strive for excellence in this area of expertise. 

More livable spaces, indoor and out 

Floor plans are a matter of preference and needs for every home buyer, and trends in layouts can vary depending on region, home style and more. As we talked about earlier this year, floor plan trends in 2020 were heavily influenced by the influx of time spent at home. More people spent their workdays, school days and free time at home this year than ever before, and that created a need for more usable, livable space inside and outside of their homes. 

Home offices rose in the ranks of must-haves when selecting a floor plan. Whether it was for working adults or used as a virtual learning space for the kids, there was an immense need for a designated area to focus, learn and work. Flex spaces or extra bedrooms were also used for this purpose, especially when additional separation was needed for multiple family members spending time at home. These also provided much-needed space for playrooms, media rooms, a home gym, or a simple space to retreat. 

Outdoor patios have always been a desirable feature on any home, but the demand for outdoor living space increased this year. They allowed for more flexibility in how you spend your time at home, and gave everyone in the household the important opportunity to breathe in fresh air with a change of scenery. With an outdoor fireplace, gas line, and prewired cable and outlets included, homeowners can continue to enjoy their outdoor living space, even during colder Oklahoma months. 

More Inviting interiors

As shown in our #TrendingWithTaber blogs Part 1 and Part 2, 2020 gave way to warmer colors and cozier textures. After years of stark whites and greys dominating the interior design space, perhaps people were ready for a more inviting option to spend their time. Our designers loved helping homeowners combine contemporary styles with warm-toned flooring, darker cabinets and charming accenting paint colors. 

Flexible appointment options

The way people toured and purchased their Taber homes changed, too. With one-on-one, on-site appointments and video chat appointments made available in our 24 communities across the Oklahoma City metro, our site agents were prepared to guide prospective buyers through the process however they felt most comfortable. While we’ve been conducting video chat appointments and meetings for years to accommodate customers with unique schedules or location constraints, we saw a huge bump in usage of this service and are excited to continue offering it to potential Taber homeowners. 

Looking forward

Even if this year didn’t turn out how anyone could have predicted, Homes by Taber is more thankful than ever for our dedicated staff, welcoming communities and loyal customers. We took unexpected changes and adjustments in stride and were able to help homeowners do the same. We look forward to what 2021 will bring and can’t wait to show you what Homes in Taber has in store. If you’re looking for a fresh start in the new year, a new home is a great way to start. Contact us today to learn more about our communities and check out our inventory of quick move-in houses available now. 


Our Happy Homeowners

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