Homes by Taber sets the standard for new-construction homes in OKC

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Homes by Taber sets the standard for new-construction homes in OKC

October 16, 2020

The new-construction home market in Oklahoma City can get more competitive than OSU and OU fans during Bedlam. With so many builders claiming to be the best, buyers are often overwhelmed with options and unable to see which brand actually lives up to their high expectations. Homes by Taber has been building high-quality homes since 2000 and set the standard for many of the features other builders have jumped on board with. The difference is in the details, and we’re confident that a Taber home will exceed the expectations you’ve set for your new-construction home in OKC. But exactly what steps do we take to set our brand apart from competitors? 

A focus on healthy home technology 

Healthy homes have been an especially hot topic this past year, and we’re proud to have been on the forefront of this effort in our industry. Homes by Taber installs top-of-the-line whole home air filtration systems in every home, and uses select hypoallergenic surfaces to help limit the spread of indoor and outdoor allergens, bacterias and viruses. We also implement unique methods during construction to ensure your home has proper ventilation for higher air quality. 

$80,000 worth of proudly overbuilt features

Other builders will show off added features on their website and floorplans, then charge you extra when you want them included in your home. By being the biggest builder in Oklahoma, we leverage our purchasing power to bring more features, and added value, to our homes without overcharging our customers. Still deciding between Taber and one of our competitors? Our handy Dare to Compare worksheet can help you visualize just how much you’ll save on impressive features when you build with us that are not considered upgrades.  

No shortcuts taken when it comes to quality and safety 

When new employees join the Taber family, we ensure that they’re trained to have the same end goals and standards in mind when it comes to quality and safety. This means that your home building journey with Taber will have consistent levels of effort at every step, from site preparation to design to the final walkthrough. Customers dote our processes and enjoy what may otherwise be considered stressful. 

Getting everyone on the same page has allowed us to increase the quality of the homes we deliver to our customers. Our process includes designated checkpoints, allowing field managers to walk homes and make sure every detail is considered before moving to the next phase in construction. In addition to these checkpoints, Taber invests in the highest-quality materials—using local and national brands known for their quality and generous warranties. We won’t cut corners by building with cheap materials, so you can rest assured that your home has been built to last. 

We also believe that keeping your family safe isn’t optional, and that’s why we never ask homeowners to pay extra for safety features. With a storm shelter, previously mentioned air filtration system and extra gas shutoff valves included in every home we build, Taber is able to provide priceless peace of mind that other builders charge you for, or forgo altogether. 

Pushing ourselves to elevate the standard

Homes by Taber doesn’t settle for good enough—in fact, we’re always striving for new and trend-setting ways to build the most desirable homes in Oklahoma City. Our process has grown and evolved alongside industry standards and trends over the past 20 years, and we’re focusing on providing the perfect home for your family now and in the future. To learn more about our standards and what makes a Taber home stand out from the competition, contact us today


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Just finished an inspection with darling couple buying a Homes by Taber home. What other builder encourages a 3rd party inspection? Not any I can think of. The inspector was impressed by so many details, from the quality of the paint to the proper installation of the gas stove. It is such a pleasure to see how Taber Leblanc and his company have evolved through the years...always improving on their ...

Carolyn Sims

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