What’s Trending in Floor Plans?

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What’s Trending in Floor Plans?

July 13, 2020

Floor plan trends in 2020 have been heavily influenced by the new stay-at-home lifestyle brought on by COVID-19. Before, families spent most of their time at the office, school, or a slew of other activities. Now, with the whole family in the house, Homes by Taber is seeing a huge demand for more space. Here is what is most in-demand from home buyers.

Home Offices and Flex Space

Floor plans with home offices have been huge. With so many people working from home, many people need a dedicated area where they can set up a workstation. With multiple adults working from home, we have even seen an increase in demand for more than one home office. If plenty of home office space is your dream, look for communities with 5-bedroom floor plans.

Many buyers also look for “flex space” instead of additional bedrooms. Flex space may not qualify as a bedroom if it does not include a closet. These spaces can make perfect home offices, though.

In many of our floor plans, we offer flex space on the first floor to be used as the home office. Home owners often prefer this layout, as it gives easier access to the kitchen and main living areas during the workday. We also can include barn doors on the main level to allow you to close off your workspace from the rest of the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a conference call without worrying about noise from the dogs or the kids on the other side of the house?

Some people even change their use of flex space throughout the day. Perhaps during the day, you work in the flex space on your laptop. Then in the evening, it becomes a game room, playroom, or home gym. If you take the term “flexible” to heart, you can truly make this room anything you want.

Floor Plans with Outdoor Patios 

At Homes by Taber, we have always seen the outdoor patio as an important part of any floor plan. Even the hottest days in Oklahoma can feel pleasant when you’re sitting in the shade on your own private patio. A substantial outdoor space allows for more flexibility for where you spend your time when your family is staying home.

In 2020, the demand for outdoor living space has only increased. We include outdoor fireplaces in many of our floor plans. This single amenity transforms your outdoor space into the perfect area for entertaining. Since so much of our social time is now spent outdoors due to COVID-19, buyers want a floor plan that allows them to entertain friends and family outside. Add fans, misters, color changing cafe lights, and casual outdoor furniture to your patio to really set the scene for outdoor entertaining.

An outdoor patio can also double as a home office, particularly during nice weather. If you have a creative role, you just might find more inspiration while working outdoors than you did in the office. At Homes by Taber, we also prewire cable and outlets for outdoor patio TVs. With a TV outside, you have a second living room to spend time and breath in the outdoor air! 

More Storage Space

Storage space in floor plans has really never gone out of style. However, now that many people are trying to limit the number of trips they take to the store, it has become more popular than ever. A decade ago, most buyers were thrilled to have a large cabinet in the kitchen in which to store snacks. Now, we find more and more buyers see a walk-in pantry as an essential part of a floor plan. Storage closets under staircases, head knocker cabinets in guest bathrooms, linen closets in hallways, and cabinets under the kitchen island are all space-saving plan maximizers that are being incorporated into our floor plans. Luggage, holiday decor, and extra rolls of toilet paper will all have a home in your home with these smart layouts.

Homes by Taber is seeing similar trends with other areas in our floor plans. All of our plans include huge master closets (some include two huge master closets), a feature we find becoming a “must-have” for buyers. Mudrooms have replaced the hall closet as the best place for storing coats, backpacks, and whatever else a family member brings through the door. 

Multi-Generational Floor Plans

Multi-generational floor plans have noticeably grown in popularity in 2020. Many people realized during the stay-at-home period that elderly relatives or friends were socially isolated due to their increased risk. For some families, the best solution is to bring their loved ones into their home. 

Floor plans that feature an “in-law suite,” allow the new member of the household to have their own bedroom and bathroom separated from the other bedrooms in the home. This allows them privacy, but also access to the rest of the family.

Multi-generational floor plans have also become popular with empty-nesters who suddenly have their kids back in the nests. With many colleges and universities moving to a temporary virtual model, students have moved back home to study. An in-law suite gives these students privacy and a feeling of more independence when they return home.

Before COVID-19, home was often just a place to land between activities. Sometimes families convened for dinner. On other days, everyone was just too busy.

Not anymore! With so many activities canceled and many people still working from home, the way we use our homes has changed. At Homes by Taber, we always pay attention to what’s trending with home buyers. We use that feedback to design forward-thinking floor plans that meet a variety of needs. Our goal is for our buyers to be happy with their home plan now and in the future. Having more usable space in your floor plan allows more flexibility with your lifestyle.


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