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What is a smart home? And why do you need one?

Homes By Taber What is a smart home

What is a smart home? And why do you need one?

October 2, 2019

What is a smart home? And why do you need one? With all this talk about smart home technology, you might be a little confused about what is and isn’t “smart”. Homes By Taber has an answer to both of these frequently asked questions.

First of all, “smart” grew from devices that communicated via the Internet. Although, you may know a lot of people who do that and wouldn’t necessarily use that term to describe them. In this case, smart refers to advanced automation systems that are connected to a network. It started back with smartphones in 2007 and the level of intelligence and devices continues to grow year after year. Homes by Taber is proud to be first to market with adding this as an included feature and want you to know why it’s important.

Today’s smart homes are fitted with this advanced automation so the homeowners can use voice commands and apps to do a vast range of tasks. 

  • Turn your lights on or off.
  • Tell your smart TV to play a specific show or movie. 
  • Adjust your home’s thermostat while tucked snug in your bed, or out of the house.
  • Lock your doors without being anywhere near them. 
  • Open or close your garage doors when you are not even in the neighborhood. 
  • Look at your phone to see who’s at your door and have a conversation with them. 

The list keeps growing as manufacturers engineer more devices with smart technology.

Your smart home hub is at the core of it all, like a command center, and Homes by Taber now includes this smart home hub in every home. This digital panel senses the network-connected devices, allowing you to control everything from the hub or from one single app on your phone, tablet, or other devices. Think of the smart home hub as a universal remote. It doesn’t matter that your smart devices are made by different manufacturers. It looks for the sensors and brings that device into your smart home system. That’s important because if your devices can’t communicate, your home isn’t really that smart.

Why do you need a smart home?

For all of the functions listed so far, a smart home is a smart choice. Whether you want the peace of mind of reliable security and safety measures or the convenience of being able to do so many tasks without getting out of your chair, smart home technology adds value to your life. You have that added layer of comfort that you’re actually in control of things that you might have taken for granted before.

How many times have you left home and forgotten to do something—like lock the doors or lower the temperature? Maybe you’re lying in bed and wondering if you set the security system. How about the value of getting an alert on your phone that there’s a leak in the house? Or seeing that your kids have arrived home safe while you’re at work?

Homes By Taber thinks that having advanced home automation is a must-have. We recently added smart home technology to our ever-growing list of standard features. TaberTech provides every homeowner with a smart home digital alarm system panel, video doorbell, and smart home thermostat all with the ability to control through one app on your phone. All of this is supported with six months of free monitoring through Integrated Alarms. Plus, this pre-wired system allows you to keep expanding your smart home devices and easily integrate them into your home network making it as high tech as you’d like.

If you want to explore Homes By Taber’s answer to “What is a smart home and why do I need one?”, come see us. See our TaberTech in action, and try out the app. Our 21 communities of new homes for sale in the Oklahoma City suburbs provide style, comfort, and lasting value. Get started by contacting Frankie Lewis.

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