Protecting your home with a Termite Bait Station system

Termite Bait Stations

Protecting your home with a Termite Bait Station system

March 26, 2021

Homes by Taber is going above and beyond to protect homes from termites. 

Termites in Oklahoma
No one wants to think about termites, but homes in Oklahoma are classified as high risk for termites.

According to the National Pest Management Association termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage annually, a cost not covered by homeowner's insurance. Repairs from termite damage can cost thousands of dollars and even threaten the health or safety of your family. You shouldn't wait until you see signs of termites in your home to take action because termites can be a problem with any home, even if it’s new construction.

Using technology to fight termites

It’s typical for home builders to spray for termites with a liquid termiticide during the build process, receive a termite inspection, and provide a termite certificate at closing time for homeowners. Up until recently, this has been an acceptable practice and the highest level of treatment approved for builders. However, Homes by Taber is now raising the bar to protect our homeowners from these threats by installing Trelona Bait Station Systems, providing a blanket of protection around the perimeter of your biggest investment. This system is designed as a fast, reliable, long-term environmental termite solution that is recognized by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as the best technology available in termite pretreatment and it’s included in Taber Homes as part of our Proudly Overbuilt features.

Termite Bait Station

How the system works
Sure Shot Pest Control places the bait stations about every 20ft to provide a blanket of protection around the home. The stations are at ground level so it doesn’t interfere with mowing or yard maintenance. The stations are locked with a special key so you don’t have to worry about anyone tampering with it or with kids accessing them.

Benefits of the system
The Trelona system contains several benefits, including the following:

  • Visible long-term protection the homeowner can see that is not watered down like some spray treatments.
  • An aggressive approach that eliminates the entire termite colony, which can up to a million or more termites.
  • A sound environmental approach that uses active ingredients only when needed.
  • A preventive termite control program around the home that is unaffected by rain, sunlight, or other factors. 

Maintaining the system
After the system has been installed, homeowners may elect to have it serviced once a year to ensure that the protection against termites is ongoing. As the system is being maintained, they will also check for any termite activity and provide any additional treatment that may be needed. Each year, 30-50% of the bait will need to be replaced to keep the system working at optimal levels. If the system is not maintained each year, it will not provide protection against termites.

Sure Shot will contact Taber homeowners who have the system to see if they would like to enroll in yearly maintenance. If you have any questions about your system, please reach out to them directly. 405-942-5292

Our Happy Homeowners

Thank you Homes by Taber for making this dream become a reality! I can't wait to move in and make this my new home!

Jennifer Holland

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