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Homebuyer Testimonial: The Ballards

Homebuyer Testimonial: The Ballards

March 31, 2021

Latoyah: “We were coming in for new jobs, and um, Cedar Lane was the first community that we visited. We fell in love with it instantly. Probably six or seven months later, when we were deciding on a house, that was probably the first place that we wanted to check out because we loved it right when we got there.”

Travis: “Hello, my name is Travis.” 

Latoyah: “My name is Toyah.”

Travis: “And we live in the Cedar Lane community.”

Latoyah: “We enjoyed the process a lot. We were fairly new to Norman, so it was um, kind of helpful for us to kind of get settled into a new space.”

Travis: “Yeah, we love the ability to have our own discretion on what type of countertop; and just our rooms and just the different paints and as well as the exterior, that was a great.”

Latoyah: “We were very meticulous about how we wanted it to look. I think every time I [we] pulled up to the house or if we're walking in the neighborhood and walked up to our home, it stands out.”

Tavis: “I would say our entryway [is our favorite]. We customized it with some of our family value materials and things that we like.  Some stuff like antiques and so uh we just love coming in and seeing that and seeing the floor, and just you've got those sight lines to our island. There was a minor a cosmetic issue, and we didn't even feel like it could be changed because it was so far out. But immediately they said, “oh yeah we'll definitely take care of that for you.” So, we were very appreciative of that and the professional care.”

Our Happy Homeowners

As a home inspector, I come across Taber-built homes frequently. Without exception these inspections are somewhat boring for me as there just isn’t a lot to find. Today, for example, a new build broke my inspection record for fewest deficiencies. They just build solid, efficient homes with great features. Highly recommended!

Steve Bennett

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