Homeowner Testimonial: The Kellys

The Kellys, Highland Village Noman

Homeowner Testimonial: The Kellys

September 14, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Kelly family! These new homeowners found their new home in the Norman community of Highland Village. Check out what they have to say about Homes by Taber and their homebuying experience. 

Andrea: It was in our school district, check. It was in the neighborhood we liked, check. It had all the things we wanted, check. So, it was just easy.” 

Andrea: “The most memorable part would probably be finding the floor plan we liked. It had the kids upstairs and their own playroom upstairs, so we got to have our own personal space downstairs. 

Ash: “Yeah, that plan checked off all the boxes we were looking for. Once we started, it kind of flowed through, just a great experience.”

Andrea: “We had sold our home and then had to live in an apartment for three months. To watching our house get closer and closer to finish was really exciting, and we were ready! We were really ready to be there. I love the tankless hot water heater. We have a family of four and a lot of showers and baths are taken, and it just never stops. Once it’s hot, it’s got for everybody, so you don’t have to hurry up and take a hot shower.” 

Ash: “I like the big, open floor plan, [it has] a lot of space, the kitchen island. I like how she mentioned, kinda having our master suite away from everybody else, away from the kids, away from the living room. Kind of have our own space to retreat to. First, I submitted a claim, they contacted me, I got on the schedule. They got it, came out, got it taken care of, and where in and out, like that.” 

Andrea: “Super nice and it took them like 30 seconds to fix it, and they were like, “Is there anything else?”

Ash: “The house has been great. Everyone we worked with has been great.”


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