Energy Efficiency: More Than a Builder Buzzword

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Energy Efficiency: More Than a Builder Buzzword

September 23, 2021

At Homes by Taber, we don’t believe in meeting the bare minimum and calling it a day. Our goal has always been to build homes that we’re proud of, and find ways to make our homeowners confident in their decision to work with Oklahoma’s Favorite Builder. For many homebuilders, energy efficiency is a term used to draw in potential buyers—but oftentimes, it can be overpromised. Homes by Taber has worked tirelessly to go above and beyond the expectations and standards set for efficiency in the industry, and it’s paid off for our homeowners and even the future of our communities and planet.   

The Residential Energy Services Network, or RESNET, is the recognized national standards-making organization for building energy efficiency rating and certification systems in the United States. Their proprietary Home Energy Rating System, or HERS Index, allows for easy comparison and understanding of the energy performance in homes by a third party that is certified to do so—and Homes by Taber utilizes this rating system to help homeowners see the relative energy efficiency in each one of our homes. Using this third-party ranking impartially tells us how our homes are performing and provides concrete metrics to measure success, while allowing our team to have goals to work toward and building practices to prioritize

Setting the Standard

Homes by Taber currently stands as the most energy-efficient builder in Oklahoma and third-most energy-efficient builder in the entire nation, according to RESNET. The typical existing home has a HERS score of 130, while the average Homes by Taber build clocks in at 41.1—the lower the score the better, with net zero energy homes scoring a 0 on the scale. This means that on average, a Homes by Taber home is almost 99% more energy efficient than a typical existing home.

While those exact numbers may not mean much to you at first, here’s what it translates to for homeowners: an average savings of around $1,500 per year on energy bills and an extreme increase of comfort in the home without drafts and decreased noise from outside. In addition to the valuable cost savings you’ll experience while living in your home, a low HERS rating also plays a part in resale value when the time comes for you to move into your next Taber home. Additionally, purchasing a home with a low carbon footprint means you’re doing your part to help the environment in a passive, effortless way. A lower carbon footprint today means a healthier future for your community in years to come.  

See For Yourself

Anyone can talk about being energy-efficient, but the proof is in the numbers. Homes by Taber is extremely proud of our average HERS score, but it does vary from plan to plan. In an effort to provide maximum transparency to our homeowners and potential buyers, we have chosen to market the HERS rating of every single floor plan we design and build—on the plan’s online page, in the entryway of model homes and by providing the official rating certificate to homeowners upon the completion of their Taber home. 

To view real-time comparisons between homes with varying HERS ratings, click through our new-and-improved energy efficiency page to see estimated annual energy savings and other quick facts about different HERS scores. 

Efficiency at No Extra Cost

One of the pillars of our business at Homes by Taber is the Proudly Overbuilt promise. With this continuing initiative, homeowners have more sought-after features included in the cost of their home than they would at any other area builder (not to mention used homes, which often require thousands of dollars worth of work after purchase). Homes by Taber includes over $80,000 worth of upgrades in the standard price, meaning you won’t have to stretch your budget for the features and finishes we deem necessary for today’s homeowners. 

A large portion of these features play a big part in the energy efficiency of our homes. You’ll be familiar with a lot of them, like digital thermostats and energy-efficient appliances as you take a tour in person or on our website—but many are hidden behind the walls of your home, and often passed over by other builders. 

Blown-in wall and attic insulation eliminates the air gaps that can be left open by other insulation types, keeping cool air in during the hot summer and vice versa come winter. A 96% high-efficiency furnace, tankless water heater and 15 SEER air conditioner keeps your home comfortable without wasting precious resources. Water-saving plumbing fixtures and low-flow toilets conserve hundreds of gallons of water per year—even when your kids leave the faucet running by accident. 

All of these features, plus more, do their part in making your home as energy-efficient as possible—all at no additional cost to the homeowner. The Proudly Overbuilt promise saves you from spending thousands of dollars on these upgrades with another builder, and will help you save plenty of money on utility bills throughout the lifetime of your home. Click through the list of green features that will be included in your home for extra details, as well as some informational videos from our talented team of experts. 

Making an Impact

The Homes by Taber team believes it’s a homeowner’s right, given today’s available technologies and materials, to have a well-constructed, comfortable home that helps to decrease their carbon footprint without sacrificing their budget or style. And while energy efficiency is a term other builders will throw around, we’ve always taken it extremely seriously

There’s only so much homeowners can do to go green without a forward-thinking builder behind them. Homes by Taber strives for innovation and transparency in every aspect of our process, and we believe our energy-efficient practices will help the modern homeowner love their new-construction home even more. 

With over 20 years of experience—and thousands of happy homeowners and numerous awards—you can rest assured that the Homes by Taber team has gone above and beyond in the construction of your home. After two decades of building in the most desirable locations throughout the Oklahoma City metro, we’re proud to bring our energy-efficient, Proudly Overbuilt homes and communities to Tulsa and its surrounding suburbs. 

Finding a community and city that feels like home is even more special when you know you’re doing your part to care for the future of it. If you’re looking for a home to spend your future in, look no further than Homes by Taber. Browse our new-construction communities in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and be sure to check back soon for further developments throughout our two major markets. For more information, fill out an online form or give us a call at (405) 984-1185.


Our Happy Homeowners

An absolutely fabulous home, fantastic housing addition and wonderful staff. We highly recommend that anyone looking for a well built, high quality, energy efficient, thoughtfully planned out home seriously consider looking at Homes by Taber and any of their well located additions.

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