Homeowner Testimonial: Maggie

Maggie - The Woods at Highgarden Testimonial

Homeowner Testimonial: Maggie

August 13, 2021

Say hello to Maggie, one of The Woods at Highgarden's newest residents. See what she has to say about this east Edmond community and how it serves her and her family!

“I am not from this area originally, I’ve seen a lot of advertisements around town and whatnot. I had always been kind of curious, “Well, what is a Taber home?” My first experience has been absolutely fantastic. 

My name is Maggie, and I live in The Woods at Highgarden. My favorite part has been, so far, all of the smart features in the home. There is a smart closet, I have a smart doorbell, I have a smart HVAC system. The comfort and security to know that, “I left my house, did I lock the door?” or “Oh, it’s much hotter today that I thought it was going to be. Let me go ahead and drop that temperature so that by the time I get home it’s nice and comfy.”

The fireplace in the living room, the kids really enjoy flipping it on at night before bed. They will stay beside it and read, or play games, or whatever, so I am surprised. I mean it’s one-hundred degrees in Oklahoma right now and we have the fireplace on before we go to bed.

I have an engineering background. I do a lot of project management, and I came into this home with a punch list in mind expecting to look for the tiny details. No one had ever made me feel like it wasn’t okay to point out an issue.”


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This company has been amazing to deal with! I couldn’t possibly find a single thing to complain about.

Natalie Lyles

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