Building More Than Homes: The Impact of our Taber Cares Program Throughout Our Community

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Building More Than Homes: The Impact of our Taber Cares Program Throughout Our Community

January 18, 2024

In 2016, our team at Homes by Taber ® set out to make an even bigger difference in the communities we serve with the creation of our Taber Cares program, an initiative that was born out of a commitment to giving back, fostering volunteerism and supporting local organizations throughout the Greater Oklahoma City area. As we reflect on the remarkable strides we were able to make in 2023, and look ahead to the next 12 deserving recipients in 2024, it’s evident that Taber Cares is not just a program, it’s a testament to our entire company’s dedication to making a positive impact throughout the community we love. Read on to learn more about our Taber Cares program and the exciting prospects that lie ahead. 

The essence of Taber Cares

At the heart of our Taber Cares program lies a meticulous selection process for the years’ recipients, conducted through a comprehensive application procedure. Homes by Taber is dedicated to identifying organizations that resonate with our core values, and these organizations not only appreciate the financial contributions we are able to give them, but they also provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for our employees throughout the year. A key aspect of our selection criteria is diversity, ensuring that our team members can engage with causes that hold personal significance to them, and this careful approach we’ve created for our Taber Cares program allows us to make a positive and impactful difference in the community in so many ways. 

A distinctive and defining feature of Taber Cares is the strong emphasis that we place on volunteering, and our employees from all departments are not only encouraged but actively supported in dedicating their time to various charitable causes throughout the year. Whether individually or as part of a group, our team members are empowered to contribute meaningfully to the community during work hours to foster a sense of fulfillment and purpose among all of our employees. 

In order to ensure inclusivity and maximize the impact of our charitable efforts, Homes by Taber took the initiative to establish the Taber Cares charity committee early on. This committee, composed of dedicated representatives from each department, plays a pivotal role in channeling the collective passion of our employees into meaningful initiatives, and in a relatively short span, the Taber Cares charity committee has made a lasting mark on various organizations across the Oklahoma City metro area. 

A year of giving: our 2023 wrap-up

The remarkable achievements we’ve been able to make throughout 2023 showcase our company’s unwavering commitment to community service and the tireless efforts of all of our employees. The heart of our Taber Cares program lies in the countless hours our employees dedicated to volunteering throughout the year. Whether participating in community events, assisting local charities or contributing to various initiatives, the 856 volunteer hours we’ve recorded reflect a deep-seated commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others. These hours go beyond mere numerical representation as they symbolize the collective power that our employees have to make a positive change in our communities. With those 856 volunteer hours, our employees used them throughout 50 diverse volunteer opportunities, giving each individual a chance to find a cause within the community that deeply resonates with them. 

Beyond volunteering, the financial contributions that we are able to give to a variety of local organizations are a cornerstone of our Taber Cares program. The substantial donation we were able to make in 2023, totaling to $126,500, has had a ripple effect that extends far beyond the balance sheet. Our donations represent hope, support and a commitment to uplifting the communities in which our team builds, and we are excited to see what 2024 will bring. 

2024 Taber Cares Recipients

As the new year unfolds, Homes by Taber is proud to announce the 12 newest recipients of our Taber Cares program for 2024. This initiative, aimed at creating a lasting positive impact, pledges financial support each month to diverse and deserving causes, and each organization that we choose is committed to fostering positive change. From education initiatives and environmental conservation to health and wellness programs, our Taber Cares program is excited to work with these incredible organizations throughout the coming year. The recipients for 2024 include:

  • January: Science Museum of Oklahoma
  • February: Circle of Care
  • March: Infant Crisis Center
  • April: Fostering Sweet Dreams
  • May: Edmond Mobile Meals
  • June: Pet Food Pantry OKC
  • July: Not Your Average Joe
  • August: Calm Waters
  • September: Hope House OKC
  • October: Project 31
  • November: American Lung Association OK
  • December: Jesus House OKC

From the very beginning, our Taber Cares initiative has been driven by a commitment to creating meaningful change and fostering community support, and this year continues to stand as a testament to that unwavering promise. Each of these organizations brings a unique set of skills, passions and dedication to their cause, and we're excited about the impact that these incredible organizations will make in their respective fields this year. 

The continuous impact of Taber Cares

As our work at Homes by Taber continues to expand in new home construction throughout the Greater OKC area, our commitment to philanthropy and community service grows alongside it. At the forefront of our Taber Cares program is a commitment to remain a driving force for positive change, and every stride we take toward that goal, we contribute to the betterment of the communities we live and work in. It’s not just about constructing homes, it’s about building and nurturing communities, and with every project we undertake, we see an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the neighborhoods that we are a part of. Whether it’s through the creation of new home developments around the Greater OKC area, the enhancement of community amenities or the support of community initiatives, our growth as a company is intrinsically linked to the well-being of the areas we live and work in. 

If you’re in the market for a new home in the coming year and are interested in living in a neighborhood that values the importance of community, we would love to hear from you. At Homes by Taber, we have a number of new homes available throughout the Greater Oklahoma City area within high-end new home communities. When you’re ready to take the next step in your homebuying journey, give us a call at (405) 984-1185 or fill out our online form today.


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