Breaking Down the Top Design Trends With Homes by Taber

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Breaking Down the Top Design Trends With Homes by Taber

February 6, 2024

At Homes by Taber ®, our reputation as Oklahoma’s Favorite Builder ® doesn’t just stem from our unparalleled quality, customer service and value - but also our commitment to staying on top of the latest and greatest in new home trends. These trends are not just the ones that look stunning on Pinterest, but trends that homeshoppers actually want to have in their homes for years to come! As the heartbeat of homebuilding in Oklahoma with Proudly Overbuilt ® homes in desirable communities in Oklahoma City, we stand as trusted industry professionals with a keen eye for the design trends that will shape the homes of tomorrow. With the new year underway, we're excited to share with you the newest and most exciting trends in home design, ensuring your living spaces reflect not only current styles - but also the timeless quality that defines Homes by Taber.

A modern take on wood staining

As the desire to incorporate elements of nature into home spaces continues to grow, we're witnessing the resurgence of natural wood aesthetics - but with a modern twist. At Homes by Taber, we've brought back staining to provide a contemporary take on showcasing the timeless beauty of wood in our homes. Whether it's a kitchen island, cabinetry or even flooring, the richness of stained wood adds warmth and sophistication to any living space.

In a new Taber home, you have the opportunity to create a stunning interior filled with features that artfully showcase the natural grain of stained wood. This on-trend design choice, when paired with our sleek designs and modern appliances, creates a haven that seamlessly blends classic elements with modern functionality. At Homes by Taber, we don't just follow trends; we set them, and this rings true with our wide range of offerings for a natural, earthy look with wood staining in your new home. 

Subtle pops of color

From popular sage green to bold brick red to muted blue - subtle pops of color are sure to take the forefront in design trends. Our team of experts has observed a rise in the use of accent colors to infuse warmth and unique personality into our homes, creating spaces that are both inviting and visually striking. 

Try a deep, rich red feature wall to make your space feel more chic and elevated, or go for a relaxing green to evoke a sense of tranquility. Experiment with accentuating architectural details like moldings or door frames in these colors, adding a touch of drama without overwhelming the entire space. You can also consider incorporating accent colors through statement furniture pieces or eye-catching artwork, helping elevate your overall design aesthetic. These beautiful pops of color - especially when paired with natural woods and brass or copper metallics - can transform any space into a stylish retreat. With Homes by Taber by your side, we’ll help guide you through these color selections and combinations, ensuring your home reflects not only the latest design trends - but also your unique personality and style.

Mix and match materials

In tandem with pops of color and wood staining, the mix and match of materials is sure to be a key trend. At Homes by Taber, we’re proud to bring you a curated selection of materials, from textured fabrics to sleek metals - providing the opportunity to experiment with contrasting elements and textures in your living spaces. 

From furniture to finishes to decor, embrace the gorgeous combination of wood, marble, brass, velvet and more to add a touch of luxury to your home. By blending these textures and materials, you can create an environment that stimulates your senses and invites interactions. Whether it's the subtle interplay of wood and velvet in your living room or the striking contrast of marble and brass in your kitchen, each choice contributes to a harmonious design that is distinctly yours. Our new homes throughout our OKC Taberhoods stand as a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to seamlessly blend materials and textures to achieve a personalized and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Biophilic living

As we place a greater emphasis on at-home wellness and prioritizing health, biophilic design is undoubtedly set to become a leading trend - and your Homes by Taber home is fully prepared to embrace it with open arms. This design philosophy seamlessly integrates natural elements into your living space, creating an environment that has been proven to reduce stress, heighten creativity, improve cognitive function and boost overall happiness.

From green building materials to expansive windows that invite the outdoors in, biophilic living at Homes by Taber fosters a deep connection with nature within the comfort of your home. Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond aesthetics to include energy-efficient features, ensuring a reduced environmental impact. In your Homes by Taber home, enjoy the benefits of ample natural light (which will help your plants thrive), phenomenal indoor air quality, spacious outdoor living areas and eco-friendly materials—all contributing to a serene living space that prioritizes both your health and the environment.

Warm, mellow hues

Soft, mellow hues are becoming the cornerstone of a welcoming and balanced living environment, and this shows with the Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz. At Homes by Taber, we understand the pivotal role that a home's color palette plays in setting the tone for its entire atmosphere, and there’s no doubt that this captivating color will provide feelings of warmth, serenity and fulfillment. This beautiful, soft hue, nestled between the subtleness of pink and the vibrancy of orange, introduces a refreshing and inviting energy to any space it touches.

From your cozy Taber living room to your spa-like master bathroom, our new homes in OKC will perfectly pair with the gentle glow of Peach Fuzz, creating a calming backdrop that becomes the canvas for memorable family gatherings or tranquil evenings of relaxation. With this in mind, our team of expert designers is beyond excited to incorporate this trending color into our homes, adding a touch of modern elegance to our Proudly Overbuilt new homes in OKC.

Make the most of design trends with Homes by Taber

As time unfolds, Homes by Taber is honored to remain at the forefront of innovative, trusted homebuilders in OKC. Our team has been building Proudly Overbuilt new homes in Oklahoma City for over two decades now, and there’s no doubt that we have mastered the art of effortlessly combining the latest trends in home design with timeless, classic Oklahoma charm. With Homes by Taber, your dream home is not just a vision; it's a reality we proudly bring to life, and there’s never been a better time to start. To make this the year you move into a new Taber home in one of our sought-after Oklahoma City communities, give us a call at (405) 984-1185 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our team of experts.


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