What’s Cooking for Kitchen Design Trends?

What’s Cooking for Kitchen Design Trends?

January 31, 2017

Home design is like fashion. Every year, you can expect something new—and sometimes that “new” is something old. 2017 is no different. 

Blending is trending

No longer does everything in your kitchen need to match, say the design experts. The new look for kitchens combines old and new, a variety of surfaces, textures, and colors. You can integrate a touch of modern with your favorite antique hutch. Lower cabinets can be a contrasting color to the upper ones, with hardware that also differs from top to bottom. Gray continues to gain popularity as a kitchen cabinet color—from a light dovetail gray, to a medium rustic gray stain, to a deep charcoal hue. Even your countertops can stray from the all-for-one material. 

Wood, tile—or both? 

Get the beauty of wood and the easy care and durability of tile with the latest flooring innovation: wood-look ceramic tile. You can choose from a broad range of looks, colors, and grains—from sleek to seasoned. 

Surface chic

Speaking of kitchen countertops, here’s a shift in kitchen design. Granite has reigned as the counter material of choice for most of the past decade, but engineered quartz is gaining market share among kitchen designers. Quartz doesn’t require periodic re-sealing, as granite does. Quartz countertops are also more resistant to scratches and stains. 

The Kitchen Sink

The farmhouse sink is turning this functional piece into a focal point with the apron-front design. Manufacturers are offering this large sink in a variety of colors, so you can brighten or soften your room’s décor. 

Hidden features

Microwaves are disappearing from the kitchen! If you look closely, they’re still there. Kitchen designs in 2017 are trending toward hiding these appliances that are an eyesore when directly over the stovetop. These are now being installed inside the islands, inside pantries, or in the cabinet walls to blend with the rest of the room’s cabinetry. If you don’t want to mask your dishwasher, explore the new design trend. Dishwashers are also taking on a new look. Gone are the black control panels, lending a sleeker look to the front.

Light the way

Kitchen lighting is trending toward more fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting is ideal for tasks as well as soft, ambient light. Can lights are easy to install, and can be placed to shed overhead light where you need it. Today’s homeowners are also looking for soft lighting inside their glass-front cabinets—perfect to display china, pottery, and kitchen decor. 

Storage is always in

Storage has always been a key factor in kitchen design. Now, homeowners want smarter storage—like drawers instead of doors. Multi-tiered drawers, for example, maximize the use of space—think, pots on the bottom and lids on the top. Pull-out cabinets and pop-up spots for small appliances (e.g., stand mixers) help homeowners keep their kitchens looking tidy. Remember that trends come and go. Some last longer than others. 

As you’re planning your new kitchen or your new home, embrace the features that you want to live with for a long time. If you’re thinking about a new home in the Oklahoma City region, contact us at Homes By Taber.


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