Taber Turns 20!

Homes by Taber 20th Anniversary

Taber Turns 20!

June 9, 2020

Twenty years ago, Taber LeBlanc started Homes by Taber to fill the demand he saw for high-quality housing in OKC. Since 2000, Homes by Taber has grown into one of the top home builders in Oklahoma, and OKC has become one of the fastest-growing metros in the country, earning a nationwide reputation for livability. 

However, not all builders and cities grew. In fact, nearby Tulsa has a growth rate of under 1%. Oklahoma City, on the other hand, has been growing at around 15% for 20 years. Similarly, Homes by Taber began by building 3 new homes in 2000. Last year, we built 542 homes!

Now, in 2020, we have 20 model homes and are building in 21 new home communities throughout 9 school districts. Homes by Taber proudly employs over 100 people in OKC, and we’ve received over 600 verified 5-star reviews.

So what makes OKC and Homes by Taber standout? 

A Foundation for Growth

Back in 2000, Oklahoma City attracted residents for many of the same reasons people move here today. OKC offers a low cost of living, great schools, and plenty of attractions. Even with the city’s growth, it has remained affordable, and the schools. Today, OKC is 12% less expensive than the national average. New homes, in particular, are much more affordable in OKC than elsewhere.

That’s where Homes by Taber comes in. Growing up in Edmond, OK, Taber LeBlanc knew firsthand the benefits of living in OKC offered. He wanted to build houses in his hometown area that paralleled the high-quality of the area itself. 

Taber also foresaw the significant growth in OKC. As word spread, he knew more people would want to move here, and those people would need homes in which to live. Throughout the last 20 years, Taber LeBlanc has found and developed land throughout OKC. A father himself, Taber always creates new home communities near great schools. It’s actually the number one factor he considers when looking at a new development. 

With quality as a foundational value, Taber LeBlanc began finding and developing land throughout OKC. The homes themselves defy the “builder grade” standard. Again, with a focus on quality, Taber established the “Proudly Overbuilt” approach to home building. Features such as 3 CM granite and Quartz countertops and upgraded appliances were considered standard, not extras. Taber also began including storm shelters in every home, which has made Homes by Taber the largest purchaser of storm shelters in the country. Building new homes in Oklahoma, Taber took it as his responsibility to help keep homeowners safe, not only with a storm shelter, but also with healthy home technology that makes the air indoors even healthier than the air outside.

A Better Place to Live

As Homes by Taber evolved, so did Oklahoma City. The Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) initiative, begun in the ‘90s, made massive strides. This public-private partnership worked to rebuild the city’s core, adding a new baseball park, central library, and a water canal in the entertainment district. Another project, the 18,203-seat Chesapeake Energy Arena, helped draw an NBA team, which is known to bring the city together to cheer for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The MAPS partnership echoed the “Proudly Overbuilt” approach, adding amenities and attractions to the city that were not necessarily expected. But they were greatly appreciated, and certainly contributed to further growth.

Always Building, Always Growing

As people continued to move to the area, the city passed the $700 million MAPS for Kids program to fund improvements to all schools whose boundaries touched OKC. All area school districts expanded while staying committed to the high-quality standards that attracted people to the area in the first place.

Following the success of the MAPS programs, voters approved a $777 million MAPS 3 program in 2009. The program allowed citizens to suggest projects, which were then considered and selected at public meetings. MAPS 3 resulted in a new downtown convention center, a modern streetcar system, and more. Staying true to its reputation as a highly “livable” city, MAPS 3 also expanded the city’s trail systems and added neighborhood sidewalks. 

Within the neighborhoods themselves, Homes by Taber was creating environments where families could thrive. In addition to building high-quality homes, Homes by Taber was designing communities loaded with amenities. Homes by Taber communities often had playgrounds, pools, sports fields, fishing ponds, walking trails, and more. 

No End In Sight

After 20 years, the pace of growth of OKC has not slowed. Homes by Taber’s growth rate has only increased. In 2019, the company sold 513 new homes in over 20 communities throughout the metro, with a projected 650 sales in 2020. Homes by Taber now builds new homes in Edmond, Moore, Mustang, Norman, Oklahoma City/Deer Creek, Piedmont, and Yukon. Just as he did at the beginning, Taber LeBlanc continues to scout for land. 

The city, in turn, continues to attract new jobs and new residents. Many predict OKC will even break into the top 30 largest cities in the 2020 census.

Homes by Taber is proud to have grown alongside OKC, working to build new home communities that parallel the city’s commitment to livability and quality. OKC is our home, too, and we will always strive to make it better.


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