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Taber Cares continues community support with June fundraiser and volunteering.

Taber Cares continues community support with June fundraiser and volunteering.

June 15, 2017

It’s impossible to be in the business of building homes without caring about lives. When you see the joy of people who experience the dream of homeownership, and know you’ve helped them achieve that vision, you don’t just walk away from your job at the end of the day. 

At least, the Homes By Taber team can’t. Our employees give back to our community by volunteering hundreds of hours. Among other things, they pitch in for Habitat for Humanity, take part in establishing gardens for foster families, wash car windshields for teachers, and sort clothing for children. 

They spend their free time helping local charities throughout the Oklahoma City area, groups that are sometimes more in need of volunteers than money. Taber LeBlanc, founder of Homes By Taber, established the company’s charitable giving initiative, Taber Cares, to maintain its commitment to helping our community. 

His wife, Julie LeBlanc, heads up the program, which invites employees and departments to choose a charity as the beneficiary of the monthly fundraiser. For June, it was Julie’s turn to nominate, and she chose The Anna’s House Foundation

For every home we sell in June, Homes By Taber will donate $250 to Anna’s House. So far this year, Taber Cares has donated $37,750 and volunteered 418 man-hours. The money has gone to support groups that include Oklahoma Youth Expo,  Infant Crisis Services, Dress for Success Oklahoma City, and YWCA Oklahoma City

 The Anna’s House Foundation (AHF) received $6,250 earlier this year from the February fundraiser, after Taber nominated this charity. Julie and Taber want to help foster children stay with their siblings in stable, loving homes. Oklahoma has approximately 11,000 children in the foster program, and only 2,500 homes available around the state. 

About 2,500 children are in foster care around Oklahoma City, where we have only 500 available foster homes. Children are frequently moved around—three times, on average. These are children who are not responsible for the situations that put them in the state’s system. They’re victims. And Taber Cares wants them—and AHF—to know that Homes By Taber does, indeed, care. 

We encourage our friends, families, neighbors, and community members to find a charity that speaks to your heart. Help them out, with your time, donations, or both. If we all pitch in, we’ll create a better place to live, for everyone.


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Taber's team has taken great care of us from start to finish. At the end of our warranty period, the Taber team handled any final needs thoroughly and went above and beyond to make sure all work was completed at the highest quality standard.Thanks to the Taber team for all the work they've performed in the year we've owned our home. We'd definitely buy with Taber again.

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