OKC Ranked Fourth Most Challenging for Allergies

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OKC Ranked Fourth Most Challenging for Allergies

March 23, 2023

Your home keeps you shielded from the elements outside, but does it include features that help combat allergy season? 

A new report from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation found that OKC is the fourth most challenging city in the nation for those with seasonal allergies.  

For some Oklahomans who suffer from allergies, over-the-counter medications like Claritin might not be enough to keep the sneezes away. Some people feel miserable during this time of year, and their home may even be exacerbating their symptoms. 

At Homes by Taber®, we take into consideration the things that matter most to our homeowners. That’s why we include Healthy Home Technology ™ to keep your breathing easy! Features like our Fresh Air Intake system, Air Filtration system*, and Stove Top Ventilation*, work to keep your home environment as fresh as possible by minimizing dust and allergens. Your home should always feel like a breath of fresh air!  

Between Healthy Home Technology, Energy Efficiency, and the multitude of Proudly Overbuilt ® included features, a Taber home means more quality, safety, convenience, and value per square foot. Explore our Dare to Compare sheet to see the full list of included features for yourself.  

 You can read the full News 9 article regarding Oklahoma’s recent allergy ranking here 


*Not included in Blue Series homes 


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