New Home Sales in 2020

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New Home Sales in 2020

January 11, 2021

What a year it’s been for everyone! It was a true roller coaster throughout the world, and many can agree that they are happy it’s over. Most can also agree that there was a lot of good that happened and as we wrap up 2020, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the positive.  In 2020, we were able to proudly serve 865 families with their new Taber home purchase! This was a record-breaking sales year for Homes by Taber, and we’re so humbled to walk alongside our customers in their Proudly Overbuilt home buying journey. With the increase in new homes built, we also increased the amount of Taber Cares donations. For each home sold, Taber Cares donates $250 to a designated charity each month. 

As we begin 2021, we took a look back at the good news that went along with each month last year. All in all, we donated $240,500 through our Taber Cares charity program. 

January – To kick off 2020, a total of 53 homes were sold in January. These homes sold allowed for a $14,000 donation to Sisu Youth Services through our Taber Cares program. 

February – In February, 84 Taber homes were sold, giving the Down Syndrome Association of CentralOklahoma, known as DASCO, $21,000 dollars on behalf of Taber Cares! We hosted our last official end of the month celebration as a team and moved forwards as usual, without knowing what was ahead.

March - March was one of the more challenging months for the world, due to the large jump of COVID-19 numbers and the pandemic concerns taking full effect. Even during the increased challenges, 66 homes were proudly sold, allowing a donation of $16,500 to the American Lung Association of Oklahoma! 

April  – Even in the midst of COVID-19, 41 homes were purchased in April, and $13,000 was donated to OK City Crisis Nursery! 

May – After living through April and the COVID-19 effects, May proved to be the month where our home sales ticked back up. 84 homes were sold in May, and as a result, $21,000 was donated to the YMCA Feeding Program. 

This was also the month that the Dress for Success building was damaged during the protests and when our owners heard about the tragedy, they made a decision to double our donations in May, giving another $21,000 to help Dress for Success get back on their feet. Homes by Taber also launched a professional women’s clothing drive campaign to restock the inventory lost during the destruction!

June – When June rolled around, 80 homes were sold and a total of $20,000 was donated to The HUGS Project! June also marked a special month for Homes by Taber as this was also the company’s 20th year birthday! While the celebration was moved to a much larger room to allow for social distancing and masks were a new part of their attire, the employees were happy to celebrate this monumental year.

July – In July, Homes by Taber hit a total of 79 sales and Infant Crisis Services was the benefactor! The well-known charity received $19,500 to help support babies! One major lesson that 2020 taught everyone is that adapting is essential to moving forward. We will forever treasure this celebration.

August – In August, Homes by Taber hit the largest number of sales in a month in company history. A record-breaking, 105 homes were sold in August with happy homeowners joining the Homes by Taber family! This allowed us the opportunity to donate $26,250 to the Regional Food Bank, which has been in extreme need during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the largest Taber Cares charity donation to date and it's our goal to surpass this donation in 2020.

September – A total of 80 homes were sold in the month of September, with an even $20,000 donated to the HALO Project! 

October – In October, 60 Taber houses became home to new homeowners. Thanks to their purchase, $15,000 was donated to Project 31! 

November – A total of 65 homes were sold in the month of November, and $16,250 was donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation! 

December – As 2020 came to a close, 67 homes were sold & just in time for the holidays! As for the last Taber Cares donation of the year, $16,250 was donated to City Care! 

Homes by Taber is excited to see what this new year brings, and we cannot wait to help more people find their dream home! This year, Taber Cares is doubling the non-profits served with two charities per month, giving $200 for each home sold. Check out our 2021 recipients!


Our Happy Homeowners

Have lived in my Homes by Taber home for 6 months now. Everything has been great. The warranty group has addressed any issue with my house and surrounding areas while in the construction phase in a very timely manner. They made my first home purchase one that I still enjoy and get compliments on the design and appearance all the time.

Jonathan Baker

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