Living in Piedmont OK

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Living in Piedmont OK

March 11, 2020

Living in Piedmont, OK, combines small-town living with suburban convenience. Just 20 miles northwest of OKC, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Oklahoma, although it’s still home to only 7,000 people. What’s it like living in Piedmont? Sit back, and let us tell you. 

Small-town living

Piedmont, OK still has all of the small-town charm and values. Many towns outgrow their humble beginnings and can start to look like every other suburb outside of a metro area. But even as the population grows, Piedmont is still Piedmont—as exemplified by events like DUCK Week. It’s not about celebrating quackers, but helping others. DUCK (Doing Unselfish Charity for Kids) Week was started in 2004 by Piedmont High School students. They brought together local families and businesses to raise money to support members of the community in need of financial help, often a family burdened by medical bills from a catastrophic illness. 

This annual tradition has become a signature event in Piedmont that may have been started at the high school but is supported by the entire district and the residents. It’s another example of how the people of a small town look after one another.

Piedmont schools

What can make or break a small town is how it takes care of its kids. Piedmont is well known for its acclaimed public schools, which all have exceptional ratings. One of the factors that’s hard to calculate, which can really make a school special, is how the community puts its support behind the school. Despite Piedmont’s growth, Piedmont High School is still the only high school that serves the town. That’s one of the best parts of living in Piedmont: everyone is on the same team. You’ll find the schools are a major source of pride for the people of Piedmont. See for yourself how the community rallies behind the teams in any of the 14 sports that Piedmont High offers. Beyond sports, you’ll see families getting involved with the school any way they can, because they want what’s best for the kids. The high school is undergoing a large renovation, providing more space and high tech resources for the students and parents. 

Piedmont High School is not the only school in the district that is receiving a renovation. Improvements are being made to Northwood Elementary with a safe room and five new classrooms. 

The newly constructed and opened Piedmont Early Childhood Center is unique from any other school in the OKC suburbs, providing a special place for Piedmont’s youngest students in grades Pre-K and Kindergarten to receive a top-notch education. The Pre-K and Kinder school in Piedmont has an entire school made just for these small students. With its miniature furnishings, this school sets Piedmont’s youngest students up to thrive without the distraction and influence of the students in older grades.  Parents of students at the Piedmont ECC describe the school as a blessing to the Piedmont School District and the families it supports. Many families have moved to Piedmont to take advantage of this Pre-K and kindergarten education.

In February of 2020, a $35.7 million bond was passed for the schools in Piedmont, OK, to further improve the schools and athletic and extracurricular facilities around the district.

Things to do in Piedmont, OK

The quiet, friendly nature of Piedmont stands out especially because of how close the town is to Oklahoma City. In Piedmont, you can enjoy the open space and clean air of the country driving past fields of farm animals on your way to pick your kids up from school, while still having access to all the amenities of the city. 

You can head east to Edmond or south to OKC and find a vast array of choices in both cities, less than a half-hour from your home. Piedmont residents have easy access to the Quail Springs area and the NW Expressway area. Whether you like to explore new cuisine, outdoor recreation, or indulge in some retail therapy or family-friendly activities, it’s all abundantly available nearby. 

Whatever your appetite is craving, take your pick of Piedmont area restaurants. Enjoy local favorites like the Heartland Pub and Grill. Piedmont offers everything from food trucks to fine dining.

Cost of living in Piedmont

What does it cost to have the relaxed lifestyle that Piedmont, OK, provides? The cost of living in Piedmont mirrors that of Oklahoma, which means below the national averages. When you factor in the exceptional quality of the schools, the low crime rate, and the availability of new construction homes for sale in Piedmont, the cost to live there delivers even greater value. Homes by Taber has brand new homes from the low $200’s to welcome new Piedmont families. 

If Piedmont sounds like the place you want to call “home”, take a look at Homes by Taber’s Piedmont communities here, including our brand new neighborhood of Nichols Creek off of NW 122nd St and N County Line Road. Then explore our “Proudly Overbuilt” homes, which deliver far more standard features than other builders offer. It’s possible your favorite thing about your new home in Piedmont won’t be your home at all, but the town of Piedmont itself, but wouldn’t it be great to have it all? Find out more by contacting Frankie Lewis, who can give you all the details on why living in Piedmont is right for so many people and where your perfect home might be waiting.


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