Introducing Delmer Lakes in Edmond: A Family Affair

Homes By Taber Delmer Lakes

Introducing Delmer Lakes in Edmond: A Family Affair

January 16, 2019

We’re always excited to announce the start of a new community. It means so many families will find a new future! Homes by Taber is doing it again, introducing Delmer Lakes in Edmond, but this one has special meaning. It’s a family affair, and a tribute to a special person.

Homes By Taber began in 2000 as the result of a special partnership. Taber LeBlanc and his father-in-law, John Delmer Alexander, put their shared vision into action, to create a homebuilding business that did more than build nice homes in the Oklahoma City metro area. They wanted to give their customers a truly satisfying experience, from the moment they decide to buy or build a new home, to when they move in, and even farther than that.

The business grew, and Taber was thankful to John for not only the business acumen, but for the daughter John raised. Julie Alexander LeBlanc is Taber’s wife, partner, mother to their children, and a true inspiration.

Sadly, John passed away a few years ago, but his legacy carries on. Shortly after this loss, Taber purchased a beautiful piece of land in Edmond, just north of Covell Road, not far from John’s home. He knew this area would someday become a Homes by Taber community. He also knew it would be something very special.

A tribute to John

Delmer Lakes is named for John. “Delmer” is also French for “from the sea”. With the lake that exists on this land, the name seemed more than appropriate.

In keeping with honoring family, the streets in Delmer Lakes carry the names of family members who have impacted Taber’s and Julie’s lives. Dudley Drive, Weldon Way, Owen Way, Clevenger Drive, and Armstrong Avenue—they’re not names, but people. Important people.

The entry to Delmer Lakes is also meaningful. John had a large pond put in behind his home in Edmond, and he built a windmill there. He spent many hours sitting by his pond and looking at the windmill as he reflected on life. We’re constructing a windmill at the entrance to Delmer Lakes, hoping it will remind us of John and bring a smile to the residents who appreciate the significance.

More information is coming

Delmer Lakes is just now beginning. But the concept is based on a lifetime of ideas and experience. We know it will be a special community, because the man who inspired this neighborhood deserves his namesake to be as unique as he was.

Delmer Lakes is a tribute to family life, to the quality that we believe everyone should experience. The homes will feature Homes By Taber’s higher “Proudly Overbuilt” standards, like a storm shelter, air filtration system, energy efficiency, high-quality materials, and all the other details that contribute to a home we’re proud to put our name on.


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Just finished an inspection with darling couple buying a Homes by Taber home. What other builder encourages a 3rd party inspection? Not any I can think of. The inspector was impressed by so many details, from the quality of the paint to the proper installation of the gas stove. It is such a pleasure to see how Taber Leblanc and his company have evolved through the years...always improving on their ...

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