Homeowner Testimonial: Tiffani and Rodney

Tiffani and Rodney

Homeowner Testimonial: Tiffani and Rodney

August 30, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Rodney and Tiffani ! These new homeowners found their new home in the Norman community of Cedar Lane. Check out what they have to say about Homes by Taber and their homebuying experience. 

Tiffani: “Everything’s been clear [and] the communication is great. Everyone is so nice, so welcoming, so that has been our experience.” 

Tiffani: “My name is Tiffani.”

Rodney: “And my name is Rodney.”

Tiffani: “We purchased a move-in ready home. We did not want the process of building. We had been through that before and so it was perfect. Everything we wanted was in the home already.”

Rodney: “We were actually about to build our home, and we were in that process because houses kept being built up fast. Then, we got the call, they’re like, Guess what? The house you all wanted is available. Do you want it?” And we were like, “Yes!”

Tiffani: “Everything flowed. We did not have to keep asking questions or get clarity. Everything was smooth and was very clear and precise. It just worked for us. I think the master bathroom, and closet is my favorite. I have my own sink, he has his own sink; and I have my own side of the closet, while he has his own side of the closet. And then the backyard, I love it, it’s huge. [It has] nice patio space, you can entertain.”

Rodney: “I love that the sprinklers are automatically in the grass, so I don’t have to water the grass. That was like, “Okay, this is a huge sale for me, the automatic feature of it. They told us here are the features, the schedule you can put in, “press this button and you can turn it off for the winter.”

Tiffani: “Another feature that we have not used, but I am looking forward to using, is the fireplace. You can turn the switch on. It’s been our best experience. We’ve gone through a couple of times, purchasing homes.” 

Rodney: “And then, even after we bought our house [they] stayed in contact and checked up on us. I was like, “You’ve already sold us the home, you don’t really have to do that.” I just appreciate that. I’ve been telling all my friends, “Go get a Taber home! Our experience was great.”


Our Happy Homeowners

Have lived in my Homes by Taber home for 6 months now. Everything has been great. The warranty group has addressed any issue with my house and surrounding areas while in the construction phase in a very timely manner. They made my first home purchase one that I still enjoy and get compliments on the design and appearance all the time.

Jonathan Baker

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