Have a Staycation With Community Amenities

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Have a Staycation With Community Amenities

June 13, 2018

Many individuals, couples, and families are switching to a summer staycation—enjoying things to do in their own city, town, and neighborhood. In addition to all the great summer fun in your area, use your community amenities for a memorable vacation. Save money on airfare and hotels and invest it in more local experiences.

Think about it. How many places you have passed by and said, “one of these days, I’m going to check that place out”? Maybe there are restaurants you’ve heard about or attractions that are too busy on the weekends. You might have had a gallery or museum on your mind but never taken the time to explore it. With a staycation, you have the time. You just need to prioritize how to use it.

“One of these days” has arrived. Where are you going to go? 

Make a list.

Start to plan a staycation by creating a list of ideas. Make categories, like: 

  • Outdoor Fun: From a nature walk to a bike ride, canoeing to golf, plan some recreational activities. Does your neighborhood have a splash pad? Release your inner child and have a watery blast. If your community has a swimming pool, plan to spend time cooling off and lounging there at times when you normally can’t. Guilty pleasure is one of the main ingredients of any vacation. 
  • Soaking Up Sunshine: Get plenty of vitamin D by spending time outdoors. Relax in a hammock or chaise and listen to an audiobook. Wander around a flea market, farmer’s market, craft fair, or outdoor festival. Take a picnic to the local park. 
  • Under the Stars: Don’t limit your staycation activities to the daytime. Plan something different when the sun goes down. Turn your outdoor living space into a drive-in movie theater (without the cars). Bring a television outside and stream to your heart’s content, or go all out with an outdoor home theater system (screen, projector, and audio). An outdoor camp-out is another way to spend some staycation nights. Pitch a tent, cook over a campfire, and set up a s’mores buffet (e.g., chocolate or cinnamon graham crackers, toasted coconut, chocolate-peanut butter cups, sliced fruit). Play games like charades or an old-fashioned board game by lamplight. Keep the whole campout “unplugged” by prohibiting any electronics.
  • Tourist Time: Every area has its own tourist attractions. Locals almost never go those places, except when visitors are in town. During your staycation, plan some time to spend like a tourist. Marvel at the things that tourists enjoy, like tours. You might discover something that’s worth a return visit.
  • Dining & Shopping: We all have these places on our “someday” lists. Invest some of your staycation time in trying out cafes, bistros, diners, pizzerias, or any other eatery that whets your appetite. Check out boutiques, studios, galleries, thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, outlets, and retail places that you’ve wondered about or haven’t explored in a long time.
  • Something New: Commemorate this staycation by trying something new. Learn a new skill, hobby, or sport, for example. Local craft stores, home centers, libraries, art guilds, garden centers, and community colleges are great resources for classes. Learn another language for free on Duolingo. Or step outside your comfort zone with something more adventurous—maybe ziplining or skydiving. 
  • DIY: Is there a fixer-upper, makeover, repurposing, or do-it-yourself project that has been on your back burner for a long time? Choose one (maybe two) for your staycation and make sure you have all the supplies and tools in place beforehand. Don’t add too many projects to your list because there’s so much else to do on your staycation!

Explore opportunities.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with a list that gets you excited, spark your inspiration. Check out TripAdvisor for toursplaces to eat, and other things to do in your area, if you don’t have enough ideas already. Search event calendars to find out about outdoor concerts, live theater, and festivals happening during your staycation. Go to Groupon to gets deals on experiences. 

Plan the adventure.

Look at your list and then map out a route. Start with a new place to try for breakfast. With a full stomach, head off to those places you’ve postponed for too long of a time. Include a stop at a café or ice creamery (or both). Remember, it’s not a race to jam everything in. And be sure to include at-home days when you can relax and enjoy your home, your yard, and your community amenities.  Homes by Taber Hampden Hollow

Be flexible with your schedule and your plans so that stress is not included in your vacation.

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