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Backsplashes That Really Make a Splash!

Homes by Taber Blog

Backsplashes That Really Make a Splash!

April 24, 2018

Your kitchen presents so many opportunities to style the space to your taste. It’s no longer just a functional room, but one that makes a statement. The kitchen backsplash is one of the ways you can add your personal touch. From subtle to dramatic, here are some tips for backsplashes that really make a splash.

So many choices. Which one is right for you? Homes by Taber Blog

Explore the various backsplash materials to find the options that match your vision for the kitchen. Glass, ceramic, marble, travertine, wood, tin, stainless steel, copper, brick, concrete, limestone, sandstone—any of these materials can be used to create your backsplash. Within each material, you have even more choices of color, shape, size, and texture. You can blend materials, like the natural texture of stone with the color and sleekness of glass or ceramic tile. Use a palette of colors that softly blend or go for a dramatic look. 

Your backsplash material must be easy to clean and able to withstand the tough environment of the kitchen. Most tiles meet that criteria. However, even wood can be conditioned to maintain the natural appearance while being easy to clean. Repurposed wood can add a warm accent to a farmhouse kitchen.

Think about the overall look you plan for your kitchen. Then consider how your choice of backsplash material can enhance it.

Tile design tips. Homes by Taber Blog

You’ve narrowed down your options and now you need to think about the design of the backsplash itself. This might be even tougher than selecting the material, because the design is limited only to your imagination (well, yes, budget contributes, too).

One of the most common patterns we see in kitchen backsplashes is subway tile. This design is created by staggering rectangle tiles row over row, usually placing one tile midway over the tile below. You can customize the subway tile backsplash with your choice of the size and color of the tiles. Go for a monochromatic look—like all white— or mix colors. Use a contrasting grout color to accentuate the tile pattern. Opt for narrower and smaller tiles to achieve a more complex or dramatic look, particularly by incorporating multiple hues within your pattern. Homes by Taber Blog

While subway tile is traditionally a horizontal pattern, there’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t turn it on its side. Go vertical and give your space the feeling of more height. Or shift to a diagonal tile pattern for a creative twist on your backsplash design.

Another popular pattern for backsplash tile is herringbone. This chevron-like placement works beautifully with any material—from smooth tile to rough-hewn stone. The design is so distinctive that you can use just one color of tile and achieve a dramatic result. A herringbone pattern with tiles of subtly variant shades adds depths of color without being too bold. If bold is what you’re looking for, try herringbone with contrasting colors of tile, or even black tile with white grout.

Homes by Taber Blog Mosaic tile provides yet another style to create the right kitchen backsplash for your taste. Combine sizes, colors, and shapes in the pattern you like. You could build out a repeating pattern—like a patchwork quilt—or craft a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

Splash outside the box. Homes by Taber Blog

You might think of tiles as squares and rectangles, but don’t stop there. Hexagon, mosaic, penny (round), and more complex shapes are available. Use them across your backsplash or blend them in as accents. River rock is available in prepared sheets, so you can achieve that natural look and texture without having to fit each stone to the backsplash like a mason.

You can also add shape to your backsplash by using a patterned tile with details on the corners. When placed correctly, the tiles present a pattern that might actually be square or rectangular tile but presents a completely different illusion. 

Add an accent to your backsplash. Homes by Taber Blog

Many homeowners look for definition by using one backsplash design behind the cooktop and another for the rest of the room. This could be a contrasting pattern of your tile or stone, or an entirely different material, color, or design, like a patterned tile.

Seek inspiration.

One of Homes By Taber’s designers, Elizabeth Tucker, suggests browsing sites like Pinterest to gather ideas for your kitchen backsplash. See what other people are doing to spark your creativity. Share the ideas with your remodeler or builder. Our Design Center professionals can offer suggestions from a wide range of choices. Take a look at our kitchens to see a sample of backsplashes we’ve done in some of our new homes. Homes by Taber Blog

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We pride ourselves in the kitchens we design for our homebuyers and welcome the chance to show you why Homes By Taber is the right choice for you. Let’s talk about your vision for your new home and take the next step in turning it into reality.


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