Taber gives back

There are so many ways that Taber LeBlanc donates to charities, but one of his favorite ways to do so is by utilizing the man power of Homes by Taber to make an impact.

Taber encourages employees from all departments to volunteer their time, whether it be with a group of coworkers, or even alone with a charity that is personal to them. He even allows them to volunteer during work hours, which is something that allows his staff to feel fulfilled, outside of their standard compensation packages.

I want to do so much more than just donate money. That’s the easy part. I want to use the power of my company and our relationships with our business partners to make an impact by being involved. That’s what our Taber Cares initiative is all about.

Taber LeBlanc

Charities we work with

There is such a large emphasis on charity at Homes by Taber, that they’ve formed a Taber Cares charity committee, which is comprised of a representative from each department, to make sure everyone’s voice is being heard and their charitable passions are being fulfilled. In a short period of time, the Taber Cares charity committee has made a significant impact with multiple organizations throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.

Our goal is to join forces with our existing business partners and form new ones, to not only donate money to those in need, but to get physically involved with these causes.

Taber LeBlanc