Dedicated In-House Warranty Department

The Homes by Taber customer service promise extends far beyond the closing of your home with our dedicated, in-house Warranty Department! Our Warranty Department’s goal is to provide you with quality, efficient, and prompt warranty service throughout your warranty period.
We provide several ways to submit your NON – EMERGENCY Warranty ISSUES. These Non-Emergency issues may be communicated through our Website, Fax, Warranty Software, and during the “60-Day Walkthrough”

Important Numbers

Warranty Direct Line: 405-507-5409
Warranty Fax Line: 405-809-1604
Warranty Emergency: 405-705-7057
  • Website

    Claims may be submitted through our website via our Warranty Request Form. After your claim is submitted, you will be contacted within seventy-two (72) hours. Our goal is to complete your warranty claim within fourteen (14) business days.

  • Fax

    To submit a claim via fax, first click on this link to download the Warranty Service Request Form www.homesbytaber.com/warranty-request-form to print the Warranty Request form. Complete the form and fax it to (405) 809-1604.

  • Warranty Software

    The Monday following your closing date, you will be mailed a password, and a login for the Homes by Taber Warranty software. This allows you to submit claims and monitor scheduled work on your home.

  • 60-Day Walkthrough

    You will also be prompted to schedule a “60-Day Walkthrough.” The purpose of this walkthrough is to evaluate your new home alongside you and address any of the non-emergency items that may be occurring. We encourage our homeowners to keep a list of non-emergency questions or non-emergency items that they feel need to be addressed as they get settled in their home. During the walkthrough, our Warranty Department will document all concerns and communicate the next steps.

Emergencies should be reported by calling our Emergency Line at
(405) 705-7057.

With our dedicated in-house Warranty Department, your Emergency call will be received by a member of the Homes by Taber Warranty Team and fixed immediately!

Claims considered EMERGENCIES consist of:
  • Electrical arcing (Sparking)
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Air conditioning or Heating system not operable
  • Exterior Door(s) not able to lock or properly secure