At Homes by Taber, we take a common sense approach to building a home. We think about how people live their lives, what space they live it in, and what can make their quality of life better.

Storm Shelters

That moment when the sirens go off, all phones are down, your family is at home, and you’re not there to help. DO YOU KNOW THEY’RE SAFE?

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air filtration

Our new air filtration system virtually eliminates allergens, bacteria, dust and smoke by as much as 100 times more effectively than our competitors’ systems.

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energy efficiency

Saving money while saving the environment. On average, our homeowners save over $1400 per year!

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$1400 in savings per year

Our Warranty TEAM is comprised of five team members with a combined Customer Service tenure of over 72 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.

Homes by Taber is a professional company with a DEDICATED DEPARTMENT solely focused on Warranty excellence.

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the difference is in the details

The details can be easy to miss, both by builders and by buyers. We make it a point to not overlook the little things, but to lean in and find what details we can include in our homes to make a difference in our homeowner’s lives. That’s why the details make the difference. At Homes by Taber, we don’t believe you should have to pay for upgrade after upgrade to get the home that fits your lifestyle. Our homes are inclusive of what you want and more.

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