Storm shelters

That moment when the sirens go off, all phones are down, your family is at home, and you’re not there to help. DO YOU KNOW THEY’RE SAFE?

Many Oklahoma residents have experienced that FEAR. Taber LeBlanc experienced it in February of 2009 when his home was hit by a tornado. When he arrived at his neighborhood, he could not drive past the debris. Instead, he ran a mile from his truck to his home. Luckily, Taber had peace of mind that his family was safe because his home had an underground storm shelter.

Having been raised in Oklahoma, Taber has lived through multiple natural disasters, as the majority of Oklahomans have. This has caused Taber to spring into action and install a storm shelter as a STANDARD and ensure his home buyers are not only purchasing a home, but a true safe haven.

“I feel storms shelters should be a code requirement in Oklahoma and I don’t understand why other builders don’t include them.” Taber LeBlanc Market comparison studies show that there is a lack of fiscal return on investment when installing storm shelters in a home as a standard, yet Homes by Taber continues to do so anyway. Taber CARES about family, about safety, and about leading the market in offering a safe home. Other builders may see storm shelters as a profit loss. To Taber, family safety will always outweigh profits.

“It’s our responsibility to set higher standards and keep Homes by Taber families safe! Regardless of the rate of return, you can’t put a value on a person’s life or a person’s peace of mind.”

Taber Storm Shelters Installed as a Standard –Another way Taber CARES.