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Your new home includes a smart home digital alarm panel, video doorbell,  smart thermostat, and smart irrigation controller! Control everything from your smartphone from anywhere.

Smart Home Technology

Buying a Taber home has always been the smart choice. But now we've made it even smarter! TaberTech is part of our "Proudly Overbuilt" standard features. When you move in, your home will already be equipped with the latest technology to protect your family and your home. This is not an upgrade, but an included feature on every home!

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    DSC Qolsys IQ Alarm Panel

    Qolsys alarm system has wired and wireless capability to provide maximum security for your home. Each alarm system will include a touch screen, wired window/door sensors, and smoke/carbon monoxide sensors. The touch screen is capable of monitoring the alarm, doorbell camera, thermostat, garage doors, cameras, light switches and much more.

  • 2 Thermostat thermostats are your online source to control the climate in your house. The Qolsys interface allows you to control your thermostat from your phone or on the interactive touch screen.

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    This doorbell allows you to communicate with visitors at your front door when you are home or away. Keeping your house safe at all times. A camera integrated into the doorbell alerts you when motion is detected at your front porch. Qolsys and the interface allows audio and video at your touch screen and smartphone device. 

    *WiFi must be available to install Video Doorbell.

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    The smart home irrigation controller on your sprinkler system allows you to control your sprinklers from anywhere with your smartphone. You can set up timers, zones and make adjustments to your smart sprinkler controller from the app. The system uses weather technology and wifi to stay on top of the weather forecast to make adjustments to the watering schedule, ensuring that your sprinklers don’t come on when it’s raining to prevent over-saturation. It uses the same technology to water more during a drought when needed. The app alerts you to forecast changes and then will automatically adjust the watering schedule on your smart sprinkler controller for the optimal amount of watering.


Months Free Interactive!

Thirty-six months, no-cost, interactive services through An affordable subscription is available after 36 months. *Alarm monitoring is an additional fee.

Add to the system as you need

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Add to the system as you need

TaberTech provides the foundation for your smart home. Add to it as you need—with additional cameras, door locks, garage door openers, lighting, and more. 

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