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With homeowners like these, we have more reasons to be thankful

With homeowners like these, we have more reasons to be thankful

November 26, 2019

As we’re doling out appreciation this time of year, we asked the Homes By Taber  team members to share a few stories about some customers who have really made an impact on their lives. With homeowners like these, we have more reasons to be thankful.

Betty Sloan, our Customer Care Claims Coordinator, talks to homeowners after they’ve moved in. She answers their questions, handles warranty requests, and schedules the repairs. Betty has built friendships with many homeowners over the years, but there is one particular resident in The Waters.

“It seems like God knows just when I need to hear from her. She always puts a smile on my face. She sends me emails and tells me about her turtles and ducks that live in the pond behind her house and how she hates spiders. She loves her home and has such a wonderful attitude, even when something goes wrong. I am very thankful for her, for her positive attitude and for the emails she sends me every so often, to tell me how much she loves her home and the nature around her.

In the home portal, which is where homeowners go to get updates on their new home, I have a note for all the homeowners to see. It simply states ‘BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY!’”

Colton Streetman is Homes By Taber’s Customer Care Manager. During his first year with us, Colton connected with the Elliot family in our Lone Oak Lakes community, a new home neighborhood in Deer Creek that has since sold out. 

“I was confident in my job but starting out, I was very intimidated. David Elliot was one of the first customers to go out of his way to be engaging with me and also very trusting and complimentary of my workmanship and expertise,” Colton confides.

“During our conversations, we mainly talked about working out and nutrition. The dude was a beast and had a home gym set up in his garage. He really knew his stuff and implored me to come to work out with him at his home on some Saturdays. I had some apprehension about that because I wasn’t sure if working out with a homeowner on personal time would necessarily fall under the umbrella of professionalism. But he contacted me a couple of times even after his warranty expired and I ended up working out and training with David a couple of times. The last time I saw him, he gave me a bodybuilding encyclopedia that pretty much answered any questions I could think of.”

“I’ll always remember the Elliots and the way their gratitude for my repairs really boosted my confidence in my skills going forward.”

Rachel Taron is the Community Sales Manager in Cedar Lane. She had a special experience with a couple who didn’t think they would be able to build the home of their dreams because of some financial challenges. 

“I let them know all of their options and did not give up on them. After they moved into their own ‘personalized’ home, she came to thank me and said, ‘We would not be in this home if it wasn’t for you and all the help you gave us.’ She was a little teary-eyed when she told me and that was the best feeling ever.”

The happy homeowners posted a Google review that reflected their appreciation: “What we really loved is Rachel never acted like we couldn’t afford any of the homes or that we were wasting her time. Rachel also understood our situation and smartly put us in touch with Faddis…had she not, the sale would have been lost.”

Another couple, Tara and Jeff Casillas, show their thanks to Rachel every time they see her. “Jeff always stops me when he sees me driving by and says, ‘hello,’ or shows me pictures of their new baby boy they just had in October!”

Rachel boasts, “Overall, I am so thankful for all my buyers as I love meeting new people every day and I absolutely love helping people into their dream homes. It is a fantastic feeling to help guide people through this amazing process!”

During the construction process, one particular homebuyer seemed to be chronically unhappy. Of course, we have high standards for every aspect of our business, so we worked hard to ease his frustration. Yet, the problems kept coming.

And then there was Lynn Sloan. Homes By Taber’s Director of Warranty took over responsibility for this homeowner’s satisfaction after he moved in. 

“I know that his name has been synonymous with some struggle for Homes by Taber, but he has become a super fan and a huge asset to marketing for us. He has also become a friend. He will text me whenever he sees grumblings on the neighborhood Facebook page. He flags me down any time I am in the neighborhood and lets me know how much he loves his house. He even asked me how I had been able to hire so many talented individuals in our Warranty Department. I explained that I hire on attitude only, because I can train anything else. He stated that he was going to take my hiring practices back to his company and would be presenting it to his management.” That was a big compliment to Lynn and his team.

“I hand out my cell phone number to customers, and I might worry when I see a text or a phone call coming in, but with Richard, I actually look forward to hearing from him. With every new sales team member that I train with, the first thing that I ask them to do is read his 5-star review. He is a living, breathing testament of where we were, and what we have become.” As all businesses know, not all customers will be happy customers, but Richard is an example of how Homes by Taber lives by its core values of always doing what is right. 

“The cool thing is that we did not treat him or his warranty any different than we do any other customers!”

Our special thanks

We’re grateful for the customers and crews, the many vendors, partners, and other people who make Homes By Taber such a wonderful place. For those of us who have experienced the uniqueness of our approach to homebuilding and the distinction of our Taberhoods, we know that it’s more than building homes, but about coming home. We wish you all a very happy holiday season!

About Homes By Taber

Homes By Taber, a local homebuilder in the Oklahoma City metro area, offers new, energy-efficient homes starting at 1,500 square feet of indoor living space and going up to 3,350 square feet of indoor living space. Prices for these new construction, single-family homes for sale start from the low $200,000 and go up to the mid $500,000 range. Homes By Taber was founded in 2000 by Taber LeBlanc. We currently build in 20 different locations with new construction homes for sale in the OKC metropolitan area, particularly Edmond, OK.


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We LOVE our new house built by Taber !!! I can’t say enough good things about the Taber team. Kevin , sales rep Hidden Prairie, was fantastic and very easy to work with. The design team, if you are building custom, made it so much fun !! And the Warranty Dept is top notch, everything was great !!! Thank you Taber - The Shults Family

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