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The Personalities of Home Decorating

Homes By Taber Home Decorating

The Personalities of Home Decorating

May 29, 2019

We’ve talked about Minimalist and Maximalist home design. “To each his own” accurately describes the way we all approach the look of our digs. Elizabeth Tucker, one of Homes By Taber’s Design Center professionals has her own theory, which she calls the personalities of home decorating.

Elizabeth has been working with our customers for years, using her creativity and knowledge to guide them toward the details that make their home the perfect reflection of their taste and vision. 

“There are two types of looks that can give different people the same ‘warm fuzzies’ of being home,” she explains. “I refer to them as the Type A and B personalities of home décor.”

Type A: The Perfect Magazine Cover

You stand in line at the grocery store and see the magazines with the perfect home, perfect kitchen, perfect dining room. You fill your Pinterest boards with images like these. You set the bar at this level of style and want to recreate it in your own home.

The Type A Decorating Personality finds it calming to have a home that is Elle Decor cover-worthy. Every little detail adds to the desired look of the space. Turn the handle on the pitcher a little bit to the left. Only a select few photos are displayed. Less is so much more. 

This personality leans toward the minimalist style. No clutter. Every item is chosen specifically to contribute to the look. Excess is disturbing. Personal mementos just add clutter to the view, so they are neatly tucked away in a cabinet. They are taken out during brief bouts of nostalgia or to be swapped for something that has become a bit stale in your decor to refresh the space.  

Type A’s will usually prefer home design that is neutral and clean. This is done by using mostly white cabinets and lighter-toned floorings. Sometimes they will have one room or space, tucked away, that is dedicated as the “fun room” of the home. This is where they will bring in a pop of color that won’t be found anywhere else in the home. It might be a playroom, home office, kid’s room, or powder room, but certainly isn’t in the main living space and not likely in the master suite.

Are you picturing this style? Are you feeling the bliss? Who doesn’t get the warm, fuzzy, calming feelings when everything is in perfect order? 

Well, that brings us to Type B.

Type B: The One-of-a-Kind Personal Bungalow 

Turn 180 degrees away from the Type A. Take your quirky, colorful HGTV magazine cover. Add personal photos and an eclectic collection of details. Together, they create a space that could only represent you and your life. You are inspired by those magazine covers, but would never replicate any one of them, because your home must be YOUR home.

The One-of-a-Kind Personal Bungalow decorating personality welcomes the personal, random, and sometimes even strange mementos. The collection is on display, throughout the home. The Type B thrives on these reminders of happy times and firmly believes it’s what truly makes a space feel homey. While the Perfect Magazine Cover designer finds comfort in minimalism, the alternative type seeks fun in their decor. In fact, when a Type B walks around a Type A’s home, they’re uncomfortable with the lack of “stuff” and absence of color splashes everywhere. How could you live with so little to inspire and excite you? Where’s the fun, funky, colorful quirkiness?

These Type B decorating personalities are the people who will opt for the warm shades, medium-toned flooring, and mostly warm white cabinets, which steer away from what they feel is an emotionally cold space. They will also be more likely to have that “personal pop of fun” on full display, not designated to a far corner. They will have the bright front door and contrasting color for the kitchen island.

Are you an A or a B?

You probably see yourself in one of these decorating personality descriptions. You might straddle the line a bit, but you’re definitely leaning in one direction. Are you A or B?

Elizabeth Tucker and her colleague, Bailey Griffith, understand what a homebuyer is seeking when it comes to choosing the details. The Design Center is constantly expanding the selections in our showroom, so you will always have your pick of the most current styles, colors, and materials. 

Take a look at some of the interiors that Elizabeth and Bailey have designed. When you’re ready to buy a new home in the OKC metro area, you can count on them to help you add your finishing touches in every corner. Frankie Lewis can get you started by introducing you to our communities of single-family homes.

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