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TaberTech Smart Home Technology

September 6, 2019

Our “Proudly Overbuilt” OKC homes now feature TaberTech smart home technology, giving Homes By Taber’s homebuyers more convenience, comfort, safety, and security—which adds up to more value.

The TaberTech option enables homeowners to take control of some of their home’s operations from a single, convenient mobile app or touchscreen. This new feature includes 3 components:

Smart home digital alarm panel: The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 provides a wireless all-in-one system that allows for greater home security for your family. The wireless alarm system includes a touchscreen, wired sensors on your windows and doors, and smoke/carbon monoxide sensors. Use the panel’s modern touchscreen or the mobile app to monitor the home alarm, doorbell camera, thermostat, garage doors, and any security cameras, light switches, and other smart home technology that you may want to add on to this system. With a dedicated cellular connection, you can count on this home security system to keep working, even when your home’s Wi-Fi, broadband, phone lines, and power are down.

Video doorbell: The industry-leading SkyBell video doorbell lets you see who is at your door, whether you’re home or not. The camera is activated by a motion sensor so you can remotely monitor activity as it happens or you can view the live camera feed any time you want through the app. The SkyBell video doorbell also includes cloud recording and a two-way voice function to communicate with your visitors. It’s a great solution for filtering out interruptions. Turn off the indoor chime, talk to visitors from your smartphone without going to the door, and let potential intruders know you’re watching! Another great use for the video doorbell is having your kids check in with you when they arrive home while you’re away. 

Smart thermostat: With TaberTech, we install a smart thermostat in your new home. Control the temperature from the mobile app so you can conserve energy and maintain a comfortable environment. Lower the temperature when you’re gone and adjust it as you head home so it’s just right when you arrive. Imagine lying in your bed, not wanting to get up to adjust the thermostat and lose your comfy position. With this smart thermostat you don’t have to. You can simply adjust it from your smart home app before dozing off into your deep slumber. 

The smart home security system eliminates some of the common worries that homeowners experience, particularly when they’re away. This included TaberTech allows for homeowners to add other smart home components, like water sensors to alert you if there’s a leak, additional cameras inside or outside the home, door locks to digitally let someone in and lock it back after they leave, or control your garage door for those annoying times when you or your teens leave the house with it open. 

36 months of free interactive services through

Integrated Alarms is offering Homes By Taber homeowners 36 months of free interactive services through Get 24/7 security monitoring to add even more peace of mind to the smart security system that’s included with TaberTech.

Don’t put off the decision to protect your family and your home. Just like the storm shelter that’s included in Homes By Taber’s “Proudly Overbuilt” commitment, some things—like safety—are too important to postpone.

“Homebuyers often look at an option and say, ‘I’ll add it later,” explains Taber LeBlanc.”But guess what? They often don’t get around to adding it later. Do it during the build phase, before you move in. It’s more economical and you don’t have to source a provider and hope they get it right.”

Whether you choose one of our move-in ready homes for sale or let us build a home in one of our 21 communities of new construction homes near OKC, TaberTech smart home technology is an option worth considering.


Our Happy Homeowners

Have lived in my Homes by Taber home for 6 months now. Everything has been great. The warranty group has addressed any issue with my house and surrounding areas while in the construction phase in a very timely manner. They made my first home purchase one that I still enjoy and get compliments on the design and appearance all the time.

Jonathan Baker

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