Smart Home Technology for Holiday Security

Smart Home Technology for Holiday Security

December 18, 2019

A recent survey showed that 63% of Americans want to utilize current technology to better secure their homes. We thought you might benefit from some tips for using your smart home technology for holiday security. There are so many devices and apps available that Homes by Taber wants to help you understand how you can protect your family and your home during this hectic season.

The TaberTech smart home package is included in all of our new homes. Like the storm shelter, of each Homes by Taber home, Taber LeBlanc decided that smart home technology is important enough to not have to be an upgrade, particularly when it can upgrade the way you live.

TaberTech gets you started on your smart home automation with a Qolsys IQ digital alarm panel that functions as the hub of your security system. Program it to manage the sensors on your doors and windows and the smart thermostat. The Skybell video doorbell completes the TaberTech package, giving you a valuable look at your front entry while providing safety and security.

With the alarm panel pre-installed in your home, you can easily add smart devices and services, like cameras, smart lights, and water detection. Here’s what you can do to leverage the power of smart home technology to provide safety and security.

Program your lights. Add smart lights and preset your smart home hub to turn them off and on at different times, so your home appears to be occupied. You can also program your exterior lights to act as motion sensors so they can light a safe path for you or shine the light on possible intruders.

Use your smart devices to manage deliveries. “Porch pirates” steal packages left on doorsteps, and they’re particularly active this time of year. TaberTech includes a video doorbell so you can see what’s happening at your front door. The app alerts you on your smartphone when someone is at your door. If you add a smart door lock, you can see who is outside your home and then remotely unlock your door by either tapping the screen icon or using a voice command. Once the delivery has been placed inside your home, you can lock the door, no matter where you are.

Give visitors and family members their own door code. When your mother-in-law shows up unexpectedly, don’t leave her waiting at your front door. Give her—and anyone else who is granted entry whenever they come—a security code using a keyless security system. You can add, change, and delete the codes as necessary.

Monitor smoke detectors. The National Fire Protection Association estimates an average of more than 380,000 house fires occur each year. Even something as seemingly safe as your clothes washer or dryer can spark a fire. Protect your home by connecting your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to your smart home hub to send alerts that could save lives and property! 

Prevent flood damage. It’s never convenient to have a leak in your home. It’s even worse to come home to a flood. A water sensor can detect changes and send an alert to your smartphone so that you can avoid major water damage. Homes by Taber offers the security monitoring services of with TaberTech, and we include 6 months of monitoring. offers water sensing technology, so you can easily add it to your program.

Enjoy the holidays even more when you let smart home technology get rid of some of your safety and security concerns. Check out Homes by Taber’s new homes for sale in Norman, Edmond, Moore, Piedmont, Mustang, and Yukon, OK. Whether you choose a move-in ready home or pick your homesite and floor plan to let us build your dream home, TaberTech is a new standard feature—among a long list of “Proudly Overbuilt” amenities. Talk to Frankie Lewis to start your journey to a smart home—and the RIGHT home!


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