Living in Yukon OK

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Living in Yukon OK

April 28, 2020

More and more people are discovering all that living in Yukon OK has to offer. Whether you are thinking of moving here, or you have already found a new home here, we want to answer all of your questions about life in Yukon.

Is Yukon Oklahoma a good place to live?

Yukon is widely regarded as one of the best places to live in Oklahoma. Furthermore, it’s a great place to buy a new home. Young professionals are searching for spots to stake their claim in Yukon to take advantage of the convenient commute to Oklahoma City. If you work in the city, but don’t care for the crowds or the noise, Yukon can offer you more open space, safety, and peace of mind.

Living in Yukon means living comfortably. Without having to go far, you’ll find lots of popular big-name retailers in reach. Restaurants offer lots to try, from national food chains to local eating spots.

Is Yukon Oklahoma safe?

Many families put down roots in Yukon because it remains a safe and friendly community, even as it continues to grow. Yukon is a place where children can play outside without worrying their parents. If your kids leave their bike or their ball on the lawn overnight, the only thing you have to worry about is the morning dew. 

According to, this Oklahoma City suburb is #3 in the ranking of Oklahoma’s safest cities, making it a safe, family-friendly community to settle down in.

What are Yukon schools like?

Another reason Yukon is great for families is its acclaimed school district. The first school in Yukon was a one-room building. The city has progressed quite a bit since then.

Yukon Public Schools currently includes 10 schools, and offers pre-school through high school education. Yukon High School is the 7th largest school in the state. The district also has 7 elementary schools, 2 intermediate schools, and 1 middle school campus. It also offers virtual middle and high schools, and programs such as Bridges Academy, YALE, and MOVE. A recent bond will create a new intermediate school, as well as fund technology and school improvements.

The district has a strong reputation in the community, and the schools themselves are well-liked by parents and children alike. Yukon Public Schools has also earned excellent ratings from third parties like GreatSchools.

What are Yukon’s demographics?

Yukon, OK currently has a population of approximately 25,000. It has grown rapidly in the last decade, as more people seek out Yukon’s low cost of living, great schools, and safe suburban atmosphere. 

With its relatively affordable home prices, Yukon’s homeownership rate is 75%. Households typically own 2 cars, and the average commute time to work is 21.4 minutes.

The median age in Yukon is 37, and 99.4% of the population are U.S. citizens. Yukon has a large population of veterans, most of whom served in Vietnam. 

Are there jobs in Yukon OK?

The economy of Yukon OK provides over 13,000 jobs. The largest industries are health care and social assistance, retail trade, and construction. The most common jobs are in administration, sales, and management. The number of jobs and the average income have grown in Yukon over the last several years.

There are also plenty of employment opportunities nearby. Oklahoma City is only 16 miles from Yukon. Many Yukon residents commute to jobs in OKC, which has a diversified economy and plenty of opportunities.

The median household income in Yukon is approximately 3% higher than the national average, and it has grown steadily over the last several years. The income inequality rates for both race and gender in Yukon are lower than the national averages. The poverty rate in Yukon is also far below the national average.

What is Yukon OK famous for?

Yukon is often affiliated with the historic Route 66. The famous highway goes right through town. Route 66 actually becomes Main Street in Yukon, a four-lane non-divided street. At Garth Brooks Blvd, it once again becomes a two-lane road named Route 66.

This brings to mind another of Yukon’s claims to fame. Yukon is the hometown of Garth Brooks. The modern country legend and American icon grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Yukon itself was founded in 1891 by A.N. Spencer. Many dispute the origin of the city’s name, but it was actually named after the Yukon River in Canada and Alaska. The word “Yukon” is actually a Native American term meaning “big river.” 

Yukon’s official founder, Spencer was a railroad builder and agreed to form the town and lay tracks through the town in exchange for half of the city’s lots. At the time of the city’s founding, there were already 25 homes, as well as two real estate offices, two restaurants, a lumberyard, a hardware store, and more. 

After World War I, Yukon began to attract immigrants from Bohemia, which was dissolving into Czechoslovakia and Moravia at the time. In fact, so many Czechs settled in Yukon that the city became known as “the Czech Capital of Oklahoma.” The city still holds an annual Czech Day every October. Yukon is also home to Czech Hall, a designated historic building that is also the largest dance hall in Oklahoma.

The Yukon Mill and Grain Company, a small milling operation, was founded in 1893. By 1915, the company was shipping flour and feed throughout the south and overseas. The mills were eventually sold by their founding families to larger companies. 

You can still see the historic silos on Yukon’s Main Street. In addition, Yukon High School students are known as “Millers,” and “The Miller Man” is their mascot, a reference to Yukon’s history.

Yukon actually had a moment of international notoriety in 1949 when a 1,200-pound cow named Grady jumped into a silo and became stuck. She was trapped for five days. People from all over the world offered advice for getting Grady out. The farm editor of the Denver Post, Ralph Partridge, suggested covering Grady with axle grease and having people push and pull her out. This suggestion was tried, and it worked. Grady lived in Yukon as a local celebrity until she died of natural causes in 1995.

What is there to do in Yukon OK?

Plenty! Take a stroll on Main Street along Route 66, and enjoy local shops and restaurants. Dotted along this route are also the historic homes of many of the town’s original families.

If you really want a history lesson, though, visit Yukon’s many museums. Yukon’s Best Railroad Museum is a must for anyone who loves vintage train cars. The Yukon Farm Museum displays historic tractors and farm equipment. 

For some outdoor fun, visit the center of Yukon where three outstanding parks surround Mulvey’s Pond. The expansive Chisholm Trail Park has tree-lined trails, as well as open areas for kite flying or a pop-up soccer match. 

Freedom Trail Park is home to a unique western-themed playground. The playground is even handicap-accessible. Besides the playground, Freedom Trail Park has basketball courts, a picnic pavilion, and a butterfly garden.

Completing this triad of parks is City Park. Its walking trails are lined with lights, making this the perfect place for a post-dinner date night stroll. City Park is also home to Yukon’s annual Christmas in the Park and Festival of the Child, as well as weekly musical performances during the summer months. 

For a one-of-a-kind experience in Yukon, visit Express Clydesdales, where you can take a tour and meet these rare black and white Clydesdales. Every horse has a name, and visitors are free to wander from stall to stall and meet them.

If we did not answer your question about living in Yukon OK, please let us know. Better yet, come visit! Find out where we’re building in Yukon, and come visit our model homes. Homes by Taber would love to help you find your new home in Yukon and become part of this thriving community.


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