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Homeowner Testimonial: The Sakeskys

The Sakeskys

Homeowner Testimonial: The Sakeskys

June 14, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Salesky family! New homeowners Scott and Margaret found their new home in the Norman community of Highland Village. Check out what they have to say about Homes by Taber and their home buying experience!

Scott: “So, we're not from Oklahoma originally, and we were kind of surprised that storm shelters don't come standard on a lot of homes. We really appreciate that that's something Taber provides.”

Margaret: “I'm Margaret.”

Scott: “And I'm Scott, and we live in Highland Village in Norman. We had looked at Taber houses for a while, and there were some available when we were getting ready to buy. I just found it there at the right time. I think just the whole process went much more easily than we really anticipated. We had heard stories from our friends about home buying and sometimes things went well and sometimes not; but this was just all very smooth and no issues at all.”

Margaret: “Right, you had read all kinds of home buying books, and we were like doing all kinds of research.”

Scott: “Then, we were like wow, this was easy, right?”

Margaret: “We were like, “this is not at all like the book said it was!” At first, I didn't really like…bonus room? I don't know, that was kind of a novelty to me and now it's like one of our favorite rooms. It's just cozy and…”

Scott: “[We] just like [having] a second living room. I think at first, we didn't know what we were going to do with it, but yeah, it's actually really nice to have. [We] highly, highly recommend it.”

Margaret: “Just with all the features that come standard you know.”

Scott: “And just so much value for your money. I mean we had looked at other houses by other builders and for the same price, you get much less standard. So Taber really gives you your money's worth and more.”


Our Happy Homeowners

Taber's team has taken great care of us from start to finish. At the end of our warranty period, the Taber team handled any final needs thoroughly and went above and beyond to make sure all work was completed at the highest quality standard.Thanks to the Taber team for all the work they've performed in the year we've owned our home. We'd definitely buy with Taber again.

Miguel and Alisa Baez

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