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Homeowner Testimonial: Rachel & Chase Nichols

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Homeowner Testimonial: Rachel & Chase Nichols

June 25, 2020

Rachel: "As a real estate agent, I've helped four or five other families move into Stone Ridge Farms. Really since day one since I moved that first family in here I was just eager to get my family here too."

Chase: "My name is Chase Nichols and we bought in Stone Ridge Farms."

Rachel: "I am Rachel Nichols obviously live with him."

Rachel: "For me it all goes back to my involvement in the real estate community. I have watched first hand how Homes by Taber loves on Realtors.  feel like that really kind of shows the true character, because you know that's not always the case with home builders in Oklahoma. Hand-in-hand with that I've also had clients that have purchased and I've seen how they handle home buyers. So I just thought, let's do it! Let's just marry the best of both worlds here."

Chase: "She had sold some homes here already and every time we started talking about moving she would mention Stone Ridge. We happened to drive through. We had just picked the kids up from school and it was about 3 o'clock. When we drove through the neighborhood, she just wanted to show me and just the kids walking home, being able to think about my son and daughter, walking to school with us in the morning or whatever that is. It's just a comforting feeling. That's how I grew up, I grew up in a very small town. So, this has a small-town feel to it & plus you know going into high school and middle school the Piedmont school system is has done a really good job of staying small, with being a big school system."

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Rachel: "We've got a four year old and this next fall, he will be starting pre-k and we're really excited about the Piedmont Primary Early Education Center, that's just right around the corner. That was very important for us to get into a place before our kids started school, so they could grow up with the same kids. That's how we were raised. So we're excited for our son to get there and to get established and make some good relationships, that truly he could have for his whole life."

Rachel: "Something that's been on my dream home, bucket list has been the laundry room connecting to the master closet...check!"

Chase: "The whole buying process from start to finish, was just a really easy process. Granted, I didn't have to do the legwork like my wife did, but overall it was just a very easy experience."

Rachel: "We would absolutely, absolutely recommend Homes by Taber."


Our Happy

As a home inspector, I come across Taber-built homes frequently. Without exception these inspections are somewhat boring for me as there just isn’t a lot to find. Today, for example, a new build broke my inspection record for fewest deficiencies. They just build solid, efficient homes with great features. Highly recommended!

Steve Bennett

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