Homeowner Testimonial: Micah Haammond

Micah Hammond Testimonial

Homeowner Testimonial: Micah Haammond

July 12, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Michah! New homeowner Micah Hammond found his new home in the Yukon community of Frisco Ridge. Check out what he has to say about Homes by Taber and his home buying experience!

“The process has been really, really simple, very painless. One of the things that I really liked was the personal touch [and] the welcoming pack. One of the things is you move in, there is always a day or two while you’re scrambling to find plates and stuff like that; and how to do you wash dishes? There was a lot of personal touch to that welcoming pack that I thought was very nice, and I enjoyed that. 

My name is Micah Hammond and I live in Frisco Ridge. 

Well, I work for the railroad, so when I had to move up to Yukon, I [was on] a little of a time period, so the fact that Taber homes had a move-in ready home is what appealed to me along with some of the features. Frisco Ridge was the one that had the inventory and the house we liked. I’ll be honest, we wanted to live out in Yukon based on some feedback we’d gotten from other people who work on the railroad. 

The process was very quick and easy. This is the seventh house we bought [since] the railroads moved us a bunch, and it has been very quick and easy. My company provided me a real estate agent and I worked with the community sales manager as well. The communication was actually great. The day we came over and visited Frisco Ridge, our real estate agent actually had COVID, so she was out for two weeks. She set up [the appointment] and I came over and met [the community sales manager] over there. He was great, and again, real simply, real easy. We got to see, I think, four homes the first day and settled on one. 

One of my favorite features is the openness of downstairs. We like to congregate in the kitchen. My wife is often in the kitchen, she does a lot of cooking and she likes to feel that she’s included in everything. You know, the fact that the kitchen is right there and facing the living room where we’re all in is our favorite feature.”


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