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Homeowner Testimonial: Leslie Hallmark

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Homeowner Testimonial: Leslie Hallmark

June 24, 2020

Leslie: "I was very intimidated because this is only the second home I've bought. But our Community Sales Manager was on top of things, always stayed in communication & always answered all of my questions."Homes by Taber Testimonial

Leslie: "My name is Leslie Hallmark, and I live in Ironstone. I didn't want any carpet, and that was my main thing. I liked the ability to choose what I wanted, and where I wanted it. It's just very centrally located to where I work now for the most part, family, friends, highway's, & it's fairly quiet out there."

Leslie: "When I walked in and saw the backsplash that I had picked, cause I had it all in my head of what I thought it was gonna look like. And then when I walked in and saw it, I actually cried, because it came out so much better than I could've possibly imagined. So it's just very open and I really like that."Homes by Taber Testimonial

Leslie: "The experience from beginning to end was seamless. A friend of mine actually decided to buy in a Taber neighborhood, after I moved into mine. I definitely, when and if I ever builder again, it will be a Taber because of just all of the options and everything that comes with it."


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Loved working with this company for our new home. We had plenty of options and the included upgrades are so nice! No complaints! They worked with us to find our perfect home and we are so happy! Melissa was wonderful dealing with for our two walk throughs! Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to buy. For our 60 day walk - Gabriel came and inspected everything. He was awesome! Very thorou ...

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