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Homeowner Testimonial: Keith Cook

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Homeowner Testimonial: Keith Cook

June 19, 2020

Keith: We were moving to the middle of the country, here and the whole time my agent was able to work with Taber and Taber was able to communicate with me and it was extremely helpful customer service."

Keith: "My name is Keith Allen Cook Jr. and I currently live in Park Place Heights. We chose Mustang overall because of the schools and having a move-in-ready home in this area. It's so close to the outlets, it's right down the road from the highway, it's the perfect, just quiet area at the same time. It's nice.  It's simple. I come from busy. This is exactly what me and my family needed. From anywhere in my house I can get a hold of my kids. My floor plan that I have, is really nice it's like a loop. My master bedroom goes to my bathroom, my bathroom goes my closet, my closet goes straight into the laundry room. So that's one of my favorite features is in the mornings when I don't want to wake the rest of my family up going through the kitchen and the living room, everything I can go straight to the garage." 

Keith: "It's stress stress-free for me, because knowing that if there's an issue right now I just put it in and it gets handled. It's really easy. We had a leak in the sprinkler system, we were having water going into our yard.  They called up the company and that company came and fixed it the next day. It was really convenient."

Keith: "Some of my co-workers have been looking at a building you know like custom homes, and when I show them what I got with Taber, at a fraction of the price of they're looking at spending, they kind of open their eyes and realize that they can still get all that and the nice features that they were trying to get in there completely like, ridiculous custom home.  I think that's one of the things that I didn't think about at the time. Whether I would really enjoy a new home, like I do and because of Taber and the experiences I've had, I really do enjoy it."


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