Homeowner Testimonial: Alex Adkins

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Homeowner Testimonial: Alex Adkins

June 14, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Alex! New homeowner Alex Adkins found her new home in the Edmond community of Delmer Lakes North. Check out what she has to say about Homes by Taber and her home buying experience!

Alex Adkins: “My boyfriend's building a Taber home and my realtor is buying a Taber home, and my other friends are actually building a Taber home! So, I have recommended them and I think people like them. My name is Alex Adkins and I live in Delmar Lakes North. I purchased an almost move-in-ready home. I think it was about two months out from completion. I was looking both at move-in ready homes and at the to be built homes, and this one was perfect for me. I'm so lucky that I found it! I was a little bit nervous about it just being a first-time home buyer and buying a home by myself, but it was a really good experience. I tend to be a little high high-stressed or high-strung, and I still really enjoyed itI love how beautiful the house is and just how comfortable it is and everything, I just like that it is built really well. Every time people come over, they always comment on that and it's just been really reliable. I feel very comfortable living there, and I just have a lot of peace of mind. One thing I didn't realize was how much I would appreciate having the storm shelter and the fence already there. I have some friends that are building houses that don't have that luxury of having that already included, and just I did not appreciate how move-in-ready my house was when I bought it and just how easy it was to have nothing to worry about! Once I moved in, there was one issue where my AC wasn't really working, and I wasn't sure. I called the warranty department and they had someone out there that very same day, and it was a quick fix! Which I'm not going to say that it was my fault that I didn't look [or] check on this thing, but it was fixed perfectly within I mean a couple of hours. I was honestly surprised with how quickly it was handled. I'm very glad that I went with Taber because I think that made the process a lot better."


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