Homeowner Testimonial: Abbie

Abby Homes by Taber Testimonial

Homeowner Testimonial: Abbie

August 31, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Abbie! This new homeowner found her new home in the Edmond community of Ironstone. Check out what she has to say about Homes by Taber and her homebuying experience. 

Abbie: “They were amazing, the building process was great; Anyone who is looking to build, I recommend Homes by Taber. 

My name is Abbie, and I live in the Ironstone community. There was really no hiccups. Whenever they said they would meet a deadline, they always met it. We never had to like worry about the closing date being pushed back or things not being done correctly. Everything was done right. I love the open floor plan. I love how you can walk in and kind of see everything as a whole. I really love our fireplace, and I love how if you’re in the kitchen looking, you can also see everyone in the living room or the dining room. I never have really been an alarm system person, but it’s been super convenient to know that your home is safe whenever you’re home, and if someone did break in, you would be notified. I really like the Ironstone location because I really love the location. I love that it’s right off Portland, but it’s also so close to May. But, I also just like that it is newer. It’s a pretty young community so far and I just like that there’s room for growth, and to start a family you’ll have younger people around you.”


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Just finished an inspection with darling couple buying a Homes by Taber home. What other builder encourages a 3rd party inspection? Not any I can think of. The inspector was impressed by so many details, from the quality of the paint to the proper installation of the gas stove. It is such a pleasure to see how Taber Leblanc and his company have evolved through the years...always improving on their ...

Carolyn Sims

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