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Homebuyer Testimonial: Yuliya Nelson

Homebuyer Testimonial: Yuliya Nelson

March 29, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Yuliya! See what she has to say about her home buying journey! 

Yuliya: "I think in the past when I was renting, I didn't use the fireplace that much. Now that it's colder again the fireplace makes [my] home so much warmer and so much cozier.

"My name is Yuliya Nelson, and I live in The Grove neighborhood. I purchased a to-be-built home because I liked to be able to select [the] items like tile and type of doors myself, so it's more customized to my desire or my style. 

"I really like the kitchen because that's where I spend most of my time, you know eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, cooking, [and] hosting. I have a friend, a best friend, I have known for years and she lives that in that neighborhood as well, so I literally can walk from my home over to her home now. Again, having friends in the neighborhood make it so much more special. 

"My neighborhood sales associate was great. She has a great personality [and] it was great to work with her. When I had questions, she was always available to answer my questions. She was always super nice about my concerns and addressed them all every time I had something come up."


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Homes by Taber has not only built a great home, their Warranty Department has done an outstanding job with being Informative, helpful, and being nice!! I’m so glad my family and I choose a Homes by Taber!!

Krysta Rains

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