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Homebuyer Testimonial: The Tremblays

New homeowners describing their experience

Homebuyer Testimonial: The Tremblays

February 11, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Tremblay family! New homeowners Emily and Jake recently moved into their new home in The Grove.

Emily: “We like the community a lot, our neighbors are all really great so there's a great sense of community around us. We like that it had the pools, and the fitness centers, and the trail. We were interested in that school district as well; so, it helped us make that decision and we're really glad we made that."

Jake: “The thing that we liked about building our own home was the size of the home, the add-ons, and being able to choose."

Emily: "I really liked visiting the house as it went and being able to see it as it goes, see the progress."

Jake: "We worked with the sales manager who's really on top of it. She had all of our questions answered pretty quickly and send it off to their team that were able to help us. It just really streamlined things and made it easier for us."

Emily: "My parents live with us, so we had to find a floor plan that worked for us and our two kids but also have room for them. They kind of have their own space; we have an upstairs and our own space.  So far everything's been really great, we think it's a beautiful home. Any little thing that has gone wrong the warranty team has taken care of. "

Jake: "When we contacted them, they got to their vendor really quickly got them out. [They] finished it you know with a really quick timeline. The people that went out were also very kind and friendly. The overall process from beginning to end, from thinking about buying the home to all the way to moving into, it was just enjoyable, and it was just a fun process for us.” 

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Our Happy Homeowners

As a home inspector, I come across Taber-built homes frequently. Without exception these inspections are somewhat boring for me as there just isn’t a lot to find. Today, for example, a new build broke my inspection record for fewest deficiencies. They just build solid, efficient homes with great features. Highly recommended!

Steve Bennett

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