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Homebuyer Testimonial: The Potters

Homebuyers discussing their new home in Yukon OK

Homebuyer Testimonial: The Potters

April 27, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Potter family! Dessra and Justin found their new home in Yukon's Castlebrook Crossing. Learn about their home buying experience Homes by Taber and their thoughts about the process.

Dessra: “I love our home, and I don’t think we could have got what we got if we wouldn’t have chosen Taber.” 

Dessra: “We are in Castlebrook. We actually looked for Taber in that neighborhood, about a year prior. We were trying to look for layouts, and there was this one layout with Taber that I loved, the Blue Spruce. We went to the neighborhood and found out that a Blue Spruce was being built. It was one of the houses being built and it was on a back street, so no one’s going to be built behind us. It was kind of the little checkmark on each thing. We literally went every single week to take pictures of kind of the progress of it. It went from concrete slab to walls being built us. We then got to sign the wall, so that was kind of cool. I’ve never ever been a part of that.”

Justin: “We got in early enough, we still got to go through the home design portion where we got to pick out all of the colors. I think it went pretty smoothly. Our old house had a wood-burning fireplace inside and it was messy. Being able to flip a switch and have a fireplace inside is nice, and then you have the wood outside if you want to get that smell.”

Dessra: “The size of the bathtub, or just the bathroom in general. I didn’t realize I would like it. It is massive. No space is unused, it’s the perfect layout, the shower, the way it’s set up, its easy cleanup, and I love that because I didn’t realize how hard it would be to keep tile. Ours is so very simple, and I love that, and I didn’t expect to.” 

Justin: “It’s so much different than our old community. We lived in an older neighborhood in an established area, and people weren’t as active. There are constantly families getting out and about getting some exercise in the neighborhood, walking their kids and walking their dogs. It’s nice having that kind of activity outside.”

Dessra: “I still don’t believe it’s our house. It feels like home, but it’s still that moment of – our kids say, “this – How did we get this moment?” So, it’s still really, very surreal for us. We tried to go through a different builder, and it wasn’t that they were bad, it’s just we kept looking back at Taber. It was that we kept going back to, “Okay, they could get close, but it just was not the same.”  


Our Happy Homeowners

Homes by Taber has not only built a great home, their Warranty Department has done an outstanding job with being Informative, helpful, and being nice!! I’m so glad my family and I choose a Homes by Taber!!

Krysta Rains

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