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Homebuyer Testimonial: The Moons

Customer Testimonial for Park Place Heights

Homebuyer Testimonial: The Moons

February 24, 2021

Welcome to the Taberhood, Moons family! New homeowners Betty and Barney found their new home in Park Place Heights, a Mustang community. See what these two had to say about their home buying journey! 

Betty: “We had a little plumbing issue, and I called the warranty department, and the repair person was there within an hour. I was just amazed and then they called back to check on us, I mean who does that? That's just absolutely, just amazing.”

Betty: “The building process was outstanding. We absolutely loved it.” 

Barney: "We got to pick out our different colors, and pick out our different schemes, and things that we wanted.” 

Betty: "We worked with a community sales manager, and he is outstanding. Anytime there was a question or a concern or just anything, he was readily available. He knew where we were in the building process every day, he knew the vendors; he just was outstanding."

Barney: "The tornado shelter is awesome, the fireplace in the backyard, and the porch is kind of what sold me on Taber.” 

Betty: “But I think for me probably the kitchen, the back porch and the backyard. We have this big, beautiful tree we've named the tree after our grandkids.” 

Barney: “The high ceilings are awesome.” 

Betty said, “I know there are, you know, hundreds and hundreds of clients that Taber might have, but each day we felt like we were their only client and that really meant a lot to us. They knew the detail of our home. They knew immediately if I asked a question, they were familiar with our home."

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An absolutely fabulous home, fantastic housing addition and wonderful staff. We highly recommend that anyone looking for a well built, high quality, energy efficient, thoughtfully planned out home seriously consider looking at Homes by Taber and any of their well located additions.

Terry Enouen

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